Newc Token – Ecosystem in the Direction of Creating a New Economy Based on Blockchain Technology

NEWC At this time I will share about digital currencies Exchange which is very innovative, these exchanges designed the algorithm from scratch to become a transparent exchange is secure as well as comfortable to use by everyone including the trader and investors, in this case it is an act that greatly moved forward the customer so that their assets are in store to Exchange securely and will not be on manipulation by anyone, this Exchange is already decentralized is very useful for every customer, the Exchange will also continue to update security and ease the process of use. OK without long-winded again I will introduce an ico project which comforts for all of you.

What is Newcash Exchange?
New cash is a money exchange digital security as well as convenience for use in various countries, the exchange of this decentralized has committed to satisfying all users when they use This Exchange platform Newcast. This is in the form of exchanges of Newcash in Brazil with the country team that very genius in building code exchange code from scratch to become the center of security for all users, the famous Brazilian as the metropolitan countries succeeded in creating the market without the intervention of other countries, meaning they have a team in their own countries to build the Exchange.

In creating a digital money exchange requires enormous capital and a team of very smart in order to materialize a decentralized Exchange with secure, convenient, easy to use and transparent. New cash does not require third-party assistance in the development, they build from scratch in developing any code platform. Well in an exchange that has a very high security features as well as the transparency that can count on a team then in joining the Newcash project worked relentlessly, all the code will be in the correction so that there is no leakage in security, as well as a team, will also take care to let the network platform can count on when all users access the same together.

At the time this article was made with a variety of information I get that the Newcash has offered portfolio cryptocurrency assets to Latin America. NEWC This offer is aimed so that the Newchash can be known by all the Latin American community and not just, new cash team will also offer a portfolio in various countries so that it can adapt the Newcash and can be known globally.

The advantages of the NewCash Exchange if you join the project this Newcash you guys will get a chance on the field you guys do business globally, this opportunity applies to all those who use the platform of this, will the Newcash a lot of the science that you get about cryptocurrency like analysis in determining the price, the platform will hold a program for all users when the platform organizes the process of contribution, this Platform could make the economy you guys be smooth as well as finance can benefit very much in the future. For I myself very rarely there are projects which have a success rate for users even romance with romance, there are many platforms which can only mislead the promise and they will abandon their projects if developed platforms get the problem.

What is NEWC ,  NEWC Token is token utilities which is made based on the smart contract in produce by technology, ethereum NEWC is perfectly made for long-term investment because the token has a very high potential, the longer you hold the This token is then the greater the income also investors you do. NEWC will be in trade on the Exchange are made by a team that is an Exchange platform This will allow for any token holder will get discount fee negotiations, Newc token can also be used as a product, any event or course Introduction to crypto to the new members will be promoted through the platform. With the token NEWChis then will provide on-site access to ease in the world of cryptocurrency and various development will do as well as this new technology will support education.

The project will be on hold if loaded below are met.
1. Education and awareness
At this stage of pre-sale if achieving the target set that is 50% the most token on sale will be used as a push-themed education attended blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The purpose of this education and awareness is to collaborate with other market players, very in if no methodology and curriculum development into a market that already exists. Thus developers implement this that all registered members have the science of blockchain and cryptocurrency, members will get a professional certification in the areas of the curriculum.

2. Cryptocurrencies ATM
Team plan there will be construction of the atm machine sales stage if phase 1 manages to touch the target of 80% and a couple of tokens which is selling will be used as a development of atm machines, atm machines this will serve as a network of bitcoin and cryptocurrency implemented and money cash at various locations in the country of Brazil.

3. List the other NEWC in a bursa
This token will include in NEWC on some exchanges, the exchanges on the go with the scope of the huge trading volumes in order for token NEWC have very high prices each year.

Token Information
The Name Token: Token NEWC
Symbol: NEWC
Total Supply: 400 million NEWC
The total that will be on sale: 255 million NEWC
The price of Tokens: 0, 00048251eth/Token

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