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NEWC  A new Global economy will be Revealed with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency NEWC (New Cash Token) is token utilities that use technology to offer global community Ethereum path to the crypto-related functions-economic platform of New Cash Exchange ( NEWC is ERC-20 Tokens that are created on the platform of the Ethereum and compatible with the wallet anything that supports this technology around the world. Incentives, promotions, discounts, list of currencies in the Exchange and not a little longer to be promoted past the utilities Cash Token.
The new Cash is Bitcoin exchanges and crypto media based in Brazil, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo-SP.
New Cash has developed the code platform from scratch, avoiding the dependence of any third party on the operations of the Exchange. Our technology meets the needs and desires of the modern and innovative market.
In terms of management, security, and transparency, our team works relentlessly and always pay attention to all the details the development and maintenance of the platform.
The platform of the New Cash was inaugurated in June 2018 and experiencing renewal in September of the same year with the intention of Exchange and expand services offered in various directions. The new Cash offer today is one of the largest portfolios of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.
For what NEWC Token?
The role of the token is given the holder access to discounts on fees, products, content, and events promoted by the New Cash Exchange ( NEWC  Token will serve as currency for projects that want to register their currency and their own token in our platform and serves as a gift for active users.
How do I purchase my Token NEWC?
You can buy with 4 different crypto media (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and the Ethereum), deposit portfolio that you find in Your Backoffice at the Buy menu. Simply select the crypto media will be used to purchase and make a deposit in the desired volume, which will automatically be converted into Tokens NEWC.
Tip: use the simulator to calculate the volume of the dashboard!
Market Crypteroid
Decentralized digital currencies lay the groundwork for a new financial system without central authority which takes the current system to the brink.
Current figures
Currency, despite the volatility, has broken through the barrier all appreciation, being the most valuable asset in the world in recent history.
Ethereum created from the paper which added to Buterin Vitalik world blockchain programming ideas to develop and run applications that intelligently and decentralized. Appreciation of the Ethereum’s incredible and currencies remain second with a greater market capitalization in this space. In General, the coins crypto move billions of dollars every day around the world.
Future prospects
NEWC  is Token utilities built on the platform of the Ethereum. There are 400 million tokens that were issued at once to meet the expectations of the global community to this type of asset. Other exchanges have had great success in the tokenizing process them.
Token Information
The Name Token: Token NEWC
Symbol: NEWC
Total Supply: 400 million NEWC
The total that will be on sale: 255 million NEWC
The price of Tokens: 0, 00048251eth/Token

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