NodePower The technology Has a Low Internal Energy Consumption

NodePower On the basis of some of the inventions in the field of pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields are created in the 70s-80s, is proposed in order to allow for the transfer of energy through the magnetic moments of atoms of matter, which is the starting point for the research Node . . Node was created with the objective to develop and implement commercial use new wireless energy transmission technology, developed and tested a few years ago by a team of physicists from Russia.

Before this, from October 2012 to September 2016, a number of studies done in the field of semiconductor material, the ceramic material and its interaction with the electromagnetic field of high frequency impulses by team members. Gradually, various experimental evidence of the phenomenon of energy transmission through the magnetic moments of atoms of the material obtained, and his condition is defined in which such transmissions occur. At the same time, the decision to commercialize this technology ever created.
From May to March 2016 2017, the project team creates technology solutions for commercial use, the schema ikembangkan, and selected components. A month later, a successful final testing of several prototypes of devices 1W up to 150W have done. In the period may to July 2017, a design concept developed, material and technology for the production line selected consumer products. In may 2017, official registration of a company that’s done, the settlement account is opened, the name of the domain and hosting is purchased, and the search for the source of the funds that actively initiated.

In General, two fundamentally different scheme being explored and corrected by scientists:

In an electrical transformer or Induction coil, which has a core of metal or air, the energy transferred by electromagnetic simple connection called magnetic induction. By using this method, transmission and reception of energy become viable at a distance far enough, however, to obtain a significant voltage in this way needed to set up the two reels are very close to each other.
Magnetic resonance/capacitive coupling is used, where a second inductor is set to the shared frequency, so a large amount of energy can be transmitted over distances that far enough.
Understanding Nodes
Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-ups, which interfere with wireless transmission device market niche for personal use and commercial …
Our innovative development, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allowing us to get a solution that is characterized by the quality and efficiency of use.

Along with the wireless power transfer technology that increases in consumer electronics, industrial and medical industries shifted focus on the technology and the benefits attached to it. As communication interface become increasingly wireless with technologies like WLAN and Bluetooth, wireless power transfer has become a relevant choice. The approach is really new can be taken that not only the obvious technical advantages, but also opens the possibility for new industrial design. This technology presents a new concept – especially in the industrial sector which is struggling with a difficult environmental conditions, aggressive cleaning agents, weight and mechanical high voltage (e.g. ATEX, medicine, construction machinery). For example, the slip rings are expensive and vulnerable or contacts can be replaced. Other application areas are with transformers, which must meet special requirements, such as reinforced insulation or double layered.

In the year 2017, the Nodes were created to implement the project, register your intellectual property rights, and attract major specialist in the field of wireless energy transmission, to participate in the development of the product. Currently, it offers a number of technical solutions in the field of wireless energy transmission – ranging from electronics to industrial products.

The process of making a product using technology derived from Node, has passed the stage of an experimental study to the creation and testing of the end device for a successful prototype.
Project ITO (Initial Token Offering) presented by the Node, is the fundraising operation aimed at the commercialization of technology and the production of the device to the engine.

Achievements and innovations in the field of technology, as well as an increase in the production of automobiles, home appliances, portable electronics, cell phones, notebooks, tablets and other energy-dependent products would, without a doubt, improve and maintain the level of demand for Wireless energy. transfer system because of the availability of wireless charging technology, the use of various devices that rely on the energy of the simplified and at the same time, more effective.

The introduction of wireless power transmission is extending the product life cycle, reducing the need for power cables and waste management. Although wireless technologies are not created with the purpose of the care environment, it is certainly effective in this and will be extremely positive effect on the environment. Impact on the external environment, devices and certain associated with ecological types.

Revenue from wireless energy transmission products is estimated at about 2.43 billion USD, the largest part is the consumer electronics segment. Expected in 2022 wireless transmission device market will grow to 11.27 billion USD, increased 23.15% between the years 2017 and 2022. In addition, with the help of innovation and innovation in various fields of the industry, is likely to achieve profit projections in the industry in the year 2024 at a rate of 12.43 billion USD.

Worldwide sales of wireless transmission device, a thousand pcs
The structure of the market for energy transmission wirelessly by area,%
In the year 2016, the use of wireless systems are the most common in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe. Among the companies that conduct research in the industry of wireless power transmission system is as follows: Ossia, Inc. (USA), Wi-Charge Ltd. (Israel), Energous Corporation (USA), Humavox Ltd. (Israel) and Fulton Innovation LLC (USA).
In addition, significant contributions towards the development of the market conducted by: Qualcomm Inc. (USA), Texas Instruments Inc. (United States), Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (USA), Semtech Corp. (USA), Toshiba Corp. (Japan), Panasonic Corp. (Japan), and Rohm co., Ltd. (Japan).
Among the competitive advantage of wireless transmission technology Node, the following can be highlighted:
The plan would sell the product Node in the market United States, Europe, China and Japan. Considering the above facts, it can be said that investing in the industry of wireless energy transmission, with an annual market growth rate of over 20%, is one of the most promising place to boosting profits.

Given the fact that the token has been redeemed, there will be a bit of an existing token on the market each year, and the remaining NODE token supply is projected to grow by 40-60% per annum. Thus, each year ownership, participants can receive 50 rise ITO% of the price of each token.

Purchasing Procedure Return Token
A month before the start of the token buyback procedure, the start of the collection procedure of orders announced. Applications are processed in the user’s personal account, and in accordance with the results of the collection procedure order, cheapest order amends for Node a whole number that is sent from the profit not distributed and burn them.

Request token NODES will be established by a combination of factors: implementation of the buyback and the provision of discounts on products when purchased directly from the Node. Depending on the scenario implementation of ITO, with some assumptions, it’s possible to calculate an estimate of the annual “organic” request to the token to NODE.

That means, in the case of the third scenario, the estimated annual demand will be around 8 million u.s. dollars, without taking into account the increase in demand due to the launch of new products to the market and a reduction in the number of free-to-use token.

Investment Opportunities
Token NODE offers a unique opportunity to participate with the revolutionary technology start-ups. current funding is aimed at increasing production and organizing of marketing and sales of the device Node. The current stage of development makes it possible to be a member of the campaign of ITO. Project ITO (Initial Token Offering), which was presented by the Node, is the fundraising operation aimed at the commercialization of technology and the production of the device continuously

Parameter ITO
The Name Token: NODE
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH
Soft/Hard Cap: $1 million/$10 million
The total number of tokens, including Pre-ITO: 10 million pcs.
Token NODE is planned to be introduced on the stock trades at the end of ITO

From: 07.12.2017
End: 07.01.2018
The price of Tokens: $1
Minimum contribution: 10 USD
A total of Toekn as much as 0.75 Billion

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