NOIZ – AI + BLOCKCHAIN + SOCIAL IMPACT an advertising trifecta

NOIZ– Advertising is the engine of progress. So today it is difficult to imagine our life without it: we meet advertising on TV, on the Internet, in printed editions, on the street, on public transport, etc. It is everywhere, and it forms our tastes and interests. The advertising market is simply oversaturated with money. Companies invest a lot of money in the development of a product, but they invest more in marketing. After all, without advertising about this product, no one will know. Therefore, it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of advertising in the business world. However, the advertising market has a lot of problematic issues that are relevant both to advertisers and owners of sites on which advertising is placed and to us-simple consumers. For example, using bots to automatically increase ad views does not show the real audience, and companies lose funds basing their actions on non-objective data. And such problems are quite a lot, so their solution will help to develop the advertising industry even faster. As a way out of the situation, the Noiz project team proposes to use blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Let’s look at this project in more detail.

About the project

Noiz-Decentralized advertising platform on which, with the help of a hybrid system (technology blockchain + artificial intelligence), created the conditions for the transparent interaction of advertisers and publishers of advertising, on advantageous for all conditions. At its core, it will be a platform where advertisers will buy places to place their advertisements at publishers. Use of the above-mentioned hybrid system will allow solving such problems of advertising market as -to consumers (preservation of all personal data),-to advertisers (the real indicators of activity of users are provided in relation to Online advertising, without bot intervention, etc. An opportunity to advertise legal goods or services, the advertising of which on the central resources is prohibited (for example, as prohibited advertising cryptocurrency in Google); Lack of possibility of advertising on resources negatively influencing reputation of advertised product or service),-publishers of advertising (possibility to be closer to advertisers, bypassing large centralized advertising agencies; growing interest in Advertisers because publishers can demonstrate transparent advertising statistics).

The full-fledged advertising ecosystem of NOIZ will consist of such components:  P2P advertising platform. Here, The Advertiser directly contacts the publishers and cooperates with him on the terms of the smart contract.
 P2P data exchange. Advertisers will be able to collect their information about consumers by launching a dedicated campaign. Consumers will be able to decide what kind of information and who should provide it by getting rewarded in tokens.
 Approval of the advertiser or advertising through consensus. Consumers, in the case of publication of negative or malicious advertising, can vote for its exclusion from the network. Publishers and content are also approved in the same way.

In this way, the NOIZ platform will create the conditions for increasing the transparency and social responsibility of advertisers and publishers. All participants of the platform in equal part will have their influence on the advertising process. For example, consumers will be able to mark the advertising that they like or not, forming a rating in this way The Advertiser. Interactions between advertisers and publishers will occur without intermediaries, based on transparent data on the effectiveness of advertising (recorded in blockchain on a particular resource. It also provides for the creation of channels of the interaction of consumers with advertisers.

NOIZ On the platform will be involved bot Nikola, the purpose of which is to maintain channels of dialogue under each advertising about the phenomenon. This bot is a representative of artificial intelligence, so the more people with it will communicate, the “swindled ” it will become. Nikola will encourage consumers to interact with advertisements, and classify their responses according to intentions in relation to the advertised products or services. For example, for the intention to “book, buy, Pay ” The bot will transfer to the account of the consumer 1 token NOIZ, for the request “Give me more information about the product “-3/4 token, and for “I do not want to see it “-1/4 token. It should be noted that in the network NOIZ will monitor and block the possible use of other bots aimed at fraudulent actions related to the above-described campaign to stimulate consumer activity.

Selling tokens
Token-sale-July 15, 2018-August 15, 2018
Token Price-$0.14
The minimum amount of fees is $10 000 000
The maximum amount of fees is $25 000 000
Tokens created — 400 000 000 NOIZ (unsold tokens will be burned)

Token distribution:
45%-For sale
10%-charitable foundations participating in the platform

Using tokens

The NOIZ token (created on Blokchejne Ethereum) will be the only means of payment within the platform. By using it, advertisers will be able to pay for the services of publishers, and consumers will be able to earn this token by interacting with advertisements, or by sharing personal information with advertisers.

The NOIZ project team, with the help of a hybrid system of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, can really create an advertising platform that will solve many problems existing in the advertising industry. At the same time, each participant of this market (consumer, advertiser, publisher) will be present his personal interest in using the function of the platform NOIZ. In addition, if you compare the project with the competitors, namely AdEx, IBM Watson, BAT, NOIZ has the advantage, in a greater degree, in creating transparent relationships between the participants of the advertising market. Also impressed by the founder of this project, who already has a successful experience in the field of information and advertising analysis, creating several companies that work in this direction.


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