NOLLYCOIN Decentralized Ledger System For The Publication and Distribution of Movies

NOLLYCOIN – Nollytainment project focus to develop a streaming platform peer-to-peer for the film industry in the countries of the third world, particularly Africa. by using a decentralized system of a large book, and build entertainment ecosystem, which uses the technology of blockchain with Nollycoin as a means of Exchange.

What Is A Nollycoin?
Nollycoin is the first digital currencies designed using blockchain technology to solve various problems and complexities of the different stages of film financing, the creation and distribution of creative works in the film industry, Nollywood’s most productive in the world, and the other third world film industry.

Smart Transaction
The existence of this project, the film producer allows the licensing of their content as encoded content that will be recorded in blockchain. With the help of smart contract manufacturer of film and creative artists will still be able to control the content and automate the collection and distribution of those royalty payments.

Benefits For Consumers
Consumers can access a global catalog to fim stored in peer-to-peer and pay the owner directly using the digital currency, based on their use. An easy to use tool can be designed to allow a smooth experience for owners and consumers, and an open protocol will allow third parties to build a rich ecosystem of Nollycoin software and services value-added.

Destination Nollycoin
Nollycoin designed and created to provide cutting-edge solutions to address the problem of Nollywood (African Film generally) some goals instantly and directly from a Nollycoin to address specific issues in this industry are:

Give copyright protection and solve the problem of piracy.
Provides the Exchange Universal for film Nollywood.
Give Back Backing for some of the best Producers in Nollywood.
Providing World Wide distribution-level to maximize the financial investment.
Providing access to financing and capital for qualitative film products.
Enable fair Compensation for collaborators in making the film.
3 Core Objectives Nollycoin
First, build a content delivery Platform-powered peer-to-peer with Nollycoin as the main medium of Exchange. Second, the Nollycoin also use the Fund to set up token sales create and acquire a row of exclusive international Blockbuster Movie to attract users to their platform. Third, the participant holding the Token can use it as an exclusive ticket to watch a movie on and access platforms.

Why Have To Choose Or Use A Nollycoin?
NOLLYCOIN is a kind of electronic money that can be exchanged for Entertainment products and services, and then converted to a fiat currency. This is a means of Independent third-party exchanges. Filmgoers may pay to the owner of the film without any intermediaries.

Anonymity guaranteed on this platform and currency for the exchange of film work globally regardless of the location of the producer and the audience. Transaction cost, without the restrictions of time and space and the use of in-store partners/shopping malls online and offline. Nollycoin team consists of people who have a lot of experience in a variety of industries and consistently demonstrate performance and success. They are experienced in software development, film production, cryptocurrency, and business administration.

How Can I Buy Nollycoin?
You must use a compatible wallet ERC20 like MyEtherWallet, Mist, or MetaMask
Please do not send your ETH of exchanger directly
Send a minimum of 0.10 ETH to the address of the official Nollycoin to buy Your token NOLLY

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