NOLLYCOIN A New Content Sharing Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain Technology.

NOLLYCOIN strengthens the system of Peer-To-Peer for the publication, distribution and consumption of the Film, using a decentralized technology tap blockchain.
Nollycoin gives the power on a content distribution network that allows film producers and collaborators for their creative work for licensing their content as ” ” code contracts directly to the decentralized database called  ” blockchain  “. This contract to automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in control of creative artists and producers of the movie itself. Consumers can then access the global catalog movies stored in peer-to-peer and pay the owner directly using the digital currency, based on their use. 
An easy to use tool can be designed to allow a smooth experience for owners and consumers, and an open protocol will allow third parties to build a rich ecosystem of Nollycoin software and services value-added. By providing transparent and distributed platform that connects the creative artist in the conception and production of films (i.e. Film producer the producers, directors, Cameramen and Other creative works) and films the African Consumers directly, Nollytainment , through his Nollycoin, lay the groundwork for a new age in financing, production; and distribution of African Films in a way that is sustainable, without limits, and fair to all stakeholders.
Nollycoin gives the power to share papers and creative works of Peer-To-Peer for the Film industry. Ecosystem Nollytainment will work on a decentralized system of books for publication and distribution of the Film using the technology of blockchain, with Nollycoin as the central means of Exchange. 
Here are 7 Nollycoin Project Solutions Solutions brought to the film industry:
1.Peer to Peer Distribution platform for Content
2.Micro payment directly to the owner of the content
3.Copyright protection through a decentralized system of book
4.Multi-level global distribution of movies using kriptocurrency
5.Activate a fair Compensation for the collaborators of the Film
6.Eliminate the problem of Forex sales for movies
7.Financial support for producers of indie films
To continue to give more value for Nollytainment, and increase the utility and value of the token to the holder of the token we multiple projects that have already been allocated appears after the crowdsale include:
Nolly TV, this is the core of the Nollytainment ecosystem. This would be a content distribution platform powered the first blockchain. Movies and other content will be published on the site by using smart contracts and records of transactions will use the decentralized systems
Nolly Trading Exchange
This will be a platform for the exchange of kriptocurrency to trade buying and selling stolen crypto Nollycoin and other small and large from the whole world. Nollycoin will be used as one of the roots of the coins for conversion to other currencies
Nolly Shopping Mall
Mal Nollycoin-powered multi-vendor for the purchase and sale of Nollywood films and related items to prepare payment module linkages at the world famous brand through Nolly Mall Platform. The buyer will make payment quickly and easily like Nollycoin, credit cards and more. This will present you with various HTML5 browser compatibility, with many languages such as the language of the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Korea etc.
Nolly Mobile TV
NOLLY Mobile TV will be a mobile-based TV platform that will drive the content web series. Monetization-based Coin. Companies that receive our coins to the services will be provided with credit advertising against these coins. It will also be a great tool for independent Web series producers to showcase their talent on the web platform to customers.
Nolly Crowd Funding
We will be launching the site funding crowds that will encourage our users/colleagues to invest in a range of media Products Media products will range from Movie to Peer Web series products will be encouraged to invest in the product through Nollycoin they have/buy from Stock. The film will be made through a support ticket sales technician NollyCoin Major and Promotions will be done via Nollycoin
Nolly Tours
Tie the whole world with Film and entertainment events around the world. Users will be able to redeem their NollyCoin against a ticket, Hotel, Casino Tables, movie tickets, coupons.
Nolly Vouchers
Peer will be able to exchange the NOLLYCOIN through the Film; Spa; Hotel; Live event; Conference/training and luxury products
Nollycoin was conceived, designed and created to provide cutting-edge solutions to problems that are intractable Nollywood (African Film generally) some goals instantly and directly from a Nollycoin to address specific issues in this industry is :
Give copyright protection and solve the problem of piracy
Provide a universal means of exchange for Nollywood
Give Back Backing for some of the best Producers in Nollywood
Providing World Wide distribution-level to maximize financial investment
Providing access to financing and capital for qualitative film products
Turn on Fair compensation for collaborators in creating film

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