NTOK Education is Out of Date in Technology Adoption With Only a Tiny

NTOK is a decentralized platform connect between tutors and students learn at blockchain. The growth of the world tutoring is changed from offline being online because the internet everything becomes simple and easy. NTOK is abbreviated Tutor Ninja Tokens, which platform this intends to be the solution for the problems experienced by a student online, including to give advantage to the ecosystems associated with the NTOK, i.e. tutor and student.

Help from blockchain make all of the platforms become very transparent. Because blockchain has a function as a note taker an execution which will automatically update the hash that will generate a tx can be accessed by the public to access the detail transactions or execution on a great book. Blockchain believed to be future technology which now is being examined by many countries because of the system that can be used in a variety of aspects.

Implementation of blockchain on platfrom NTOK will facilitate the prospective students online to be able to find out how the real price without any hidden funds by someone. Because of corruption, can not move when that platform using blockchain. NTOK Token will have the most important role in the platform NTOK, because NTOK Token to be used as a medium of peer to peer payments which could also be used to measure income from a tutor or content creators.

The science of success in self-taught can be measured by a person’s level of knowledge. Scientists, willingly spend their lives for the sake of science’s most valuable according to them. Science owned someone is usually limited, so people must be learned by the new science to get more useful life. To get the science, one must spend money, because its price is very expensive. This condition is aggravated by the existence of a middle man who took mark up the price is high, so the cost of the course or the school or College is more expensive. In fact, students tend to be inflexible. They must depart on time at one location and meet the teacher quality is questionable. This is what makes the science of success very valuable and very expensive.

Solutions and features of NTOK
NTOK will give some special roads that can be applied to the platform NTOK, so students and tutors will be easier in the activity through NTOK platform.
Search and selection of Tutors

Seoang online, students can determine his or her tutor options based on his own personal parameters. For example, a student seeking tutor with a particular language, rating above average, women or men, price and so on. With NTOK, a student can get valid information about the background of the tutors who choose, for melewata some validation and stored in blockchain.
Meeting Schedule Adjustments

Unlike the institution of learning in General, which implemented the system that the meetings scheduled by the owner of the school building or middle man. In fact, with these conditions, the students will feel difficulties in attending meetings when there are sudden unexpected interest.
With the adjustment of the schedule, so the students can choose a tutor who has the time according to the ability of the student. So, between students and tutors will meet and perform appropriate learning time that suits them.

Direct payment to Tutor
In the process of institutional learning on traditional tutoring, tutors get paid within a certain period, so that the tutor would be hard-pressed to meet the needs of individual when there is a sudden need. Moreover, nowadays a middle man always take advantage of any existing transaction, so many funds cut off and it could reduce revenues from a tutor.
With the payment system directly from student to tutor, then this would be profitable for the tutors and the students themselves. Because ecosystems NTOK will NET from the middle man so that students pay their tutor dapan at the best price and also the tutor will get paid the best anyway.
Interactive learning area

Most tutoring over the internet, always use Skype in linking between students and tutors. In fact, it is so out of date and should be replaced immediately with a new more interactive methods. NTOK will not use Skype, but NTOK will link between students and tutors with the best audio and video quality, and equipped with Whiteboard, chat, file sharing and some other facilities to ease the relations in learning.

Blockchain-Based Rating System
Right now it’s looking for a tutor who expert it’s hard because the institution does not provide study facilities rating to their tutors. Rating system can help students in choosing the best teachers, therefore the validity of this rating must be preserved or transparency. The reputation of a tutor will have an impact on his career in the long run. So, when a tutor has a high rating, the students will always be paying attention to the tutors and job will continue to flow as well as the money will continue to go into a wallet.
Blockchain will guarantee the validity of the rating given to tutors, as data that has been entered in the blockchain, will not be changed and will be recorded forever.

NTOK ICO Support
ICO NTOK NTOK Bounty, Price, Platform, NTOK NTOK ICO-the science of Successful Self taught with the Tutor of NTOK

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an invitation to the public to purchase a new coins that can be used to enjoy the services provided by the platform. NTOK Platform sell NTOK Token that will be used for the membayara service provided by NTOK platoform. ICO NTOKaimed by community cryptocurrency who want to support the formation of NTOK platform and advance intelligence community.
Some of the information that you need to write in the notebook or calendar you are
NTOK ICO Start: January 15, 2018
ICO NTOK Ends: February 15, 2018
ICO NTOK Token Price: 1 – 1.2 USD
NTOK Token ICO: 70% of the total supply
The Platform Token: NTOK Ethereum ERC20

Online tutoring need some facilities for the students and tutors feel comfortable when ongoing learning events. NTOK aims to abolish the role of middle man who has always been taking profit in the transaction between students and tutors. Students are disadvantaged because they have to pay more for expensive tutors and charged a fee by the middle man so as to reduce their income.

NTOK will be the solution for students who want to focus in the study but has limited time, costs and transportation. NTOK certainly will be a platform to advance the intelligence community.

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