NUCLEUS Security & Monitoring of Physical Assets & Access Control

NUCLEUS The core Vision want to promote the community of fans of the crypto system, engineers, application developers, researchers, thinkers, writers and collaborators surrounding the nucleus of the Vision for evolving and applied in the future. To show appreciation to supporters of the original Nucleus of the Vision and facilitate community building Core Nucleus, the core Vision is very excited to launch the Core Vision. The core Vision is committed to building a strong and positive community and your help is very important to achieve this.

Nucleus technology solutions provides end-to-end, which allows data transmission through blockchain sensors and sensor technology is real-time. Until recently, the Nucleus has successfully developed 19 sensors IoT (Internet of Things). All sensors that are placed in the database supporting the data network for the user ID and user data as appropriate.
The purpose of the Nucleus is to provide the gap between online and offline retail world. In bringing to market a Core platform, the company is backed by investors such as Tim Draper and Reliance Capital. The nucleus also works with Vodafone, Reliance Communications, Idea Cellular and. This platform provides a high level of protection to help you run future applications more easily. For more information about this creative platform.
Products available in the market

By using smart technology sensor Nucleus, retailers can identify and interact directly with customers as they enter the store. International retail brands, such as Giny & Jony in India, have used the Nucleus to provide personal service to their customers on their cell phone. ION Network sensors developed in accordance with the standards of the telco, make sure the platform Nucleus keep it plug and play and in accordance with the requirements of the data and the privacy of the global telecommunications industry. During the last two years, the Nucleus has worked with national and international regulatory authorities to implement a regulatory framework and security currently in core technology vision.

The security system at the Core.
The most important thing in the ecosystem is how the security system implemented in the ecosystem. As good as any system provided by the platform will become less useful if using a low security system. The security system used to be the first standard for the user to choose the platform that will be used.

High security system on a platform with blockchain and cryptocurrency must be observed. That’s because there is no third party involved in the platform. All user data and transaction data will be stored in blockchain. If there is a leakage of confidential data, it might be detrimental to some party or retailers or customers.

The solution of the IOC for the first time add strength in security systems for housing and industry. Different industries are not yet using intelligent solutions to address the privacy and security of their customers. With a comprehensive update on security technology, Nucleus is one of the safest platform.

Nucleus using IOL as smart sensor. The sensor is one of the things that are needed in the core security systems such as residential, commercial, industry and the wider industry. The sensor works by identifying hidden threats and intruders in a sequence. Then, the data obtained will be sent securely to the authorities to undertake further actions such as blocking.
How does IoT in the Core?

The concept given by the Nucleus is considered to make it easier for the seller and a customer transaction. This is the core of the current system for its users. When customers enter the retail, retailers will give awards to customers in the form of the sign of nCash. When customers make a purchase at the retail counter, the buyer will also earn loyalty points in the form of nCash. By providing the cards, retailers nCash may request information from customers and receive permission from customers to get the information.

Distributors can exchange customer information with other retailers that provide retail customer data and provide notice nCash to suppliers.
Retailers can exchange information on customer data in retail by providing nCash token for customers.
All partners of the Nucleus can accept card payments nCash owned by customers. In addition, customers can also trade with all retailers are incorporated in the core.

The core platform is one of the machines that use blockchain and IoT. This platform allows customers to utilize the time agents get all polis. Nucleus provides convenience between retailers and customers to have a functional relationship in a timely manner to give satisfaction towards the services provided retailer to customer.
Technology applied to the core ecosystem
As a high-tech platform, combining several Nucleus technology into one unified collaboration. The main ingredient in the preparation of the Nucleus is ION, Obit, the Nuron, and nCash. The following is a detailed description of each of the technologies used in the Core platform.

ION as a proprietary sensor.
As innovations that make retailers more easily, the Nucleus using ION as a sensor. ION networks can specify certain things from a person’s physical condition such as temperature, pressure, acceleration, movement and sound around the location of the sensor. ION sensors could sure help retailers gain new customer data.

Using Orb As A Tool Of Blockbos Data.
Authorization Data Permissions is very important in an ecosystem. Platforms the platforms using the path as the basis for all the related data of the relevant ecosystems are identified correctly and safely. Data entered into the ecosystems include customer identification data and credit card transactions nCash. Both of these data is the important data in the Core platform.

A Layer Of Neurons To The Best Service For The Client.
The client is an important factor that should be owned by every retailer for the continuity of their business. Without customers, will make retailers think of their location. Therefore, any retailer should give best service to every customer. One of the ways to realize the best possible service is to use Intelligent Platforms as Core Neurons. Neuron is a machine learning using intensive analysis of blockchain and IoT.

nCash is payment in the ecosystem.
In a transaction, the person need a valid rate engine that is recognized by the parties involved. At the core, the ecosystem of payment instruments used is called nCash. As a means of payment for regular transactions, has the main purpose of nCash.
nCash is homage to retailers in business. nCash became the core of the core ecosystem.
nCash became the core currencies in core ecosystem that enables secure data transmissions between retailers and customers. Coupons for customers can be made using nCash provided by the reseller. NCash obtained must be obtainable at all retailers are incorporated in the core.
You can figure it out as a token, Ethel nCash can’t be exploited by ERC20. NCash also supplies will reach 10 billion nCash caps.

Core brings an intelligent energy source
IOT is available in retail stores, homes, houses, cars, telephones and devices in our body. In the process, the company is getting closer to their customers than ever before. After the Nucleus revolutionized the industry of retail and physical security, the core of the Vision has the attraction of the Nucleus of the Vision that connects the world through a network of interrelated IO devices. Nucleus technology team has started to provide a framework for Core Home, car, Health, the Nucleus Core Nucleus Agri, Nucleus and the Nucleus of the water. The core Vision believes that the core platform has many applications for smart/smart communities, agriculture, transport, health care and supervision at home.

Customer identification IoT
Essentially, the Nucleus is the customer identification system that enables customer identification IoT. Technology that can upgrade the Nucleus have a stack of 12 layers effectively integrated with technology and leading technology vendor systems such as Intel, Radysis, ODMs and geospatial telecommunications operator. specific. Because the Nucleus produces data that is not controlled, the core technology of vision can provide valuable insights for retailers, especially after running the data through the class of Neuron Nucleus Vision.

How to join the Token Nucleus.
If you are interested in joining the Token Sale, the first thing you do is read and find out about the paper mini white at the Core. Understand project development will make progress monitoring becomes much easier. You should also make sure that you will benefit from your investment.

The payment method used in the Token Sale is Etherum. Offer price for the brand of 125 k ETH. The date of the sale of the token has been set. However, the estimated income estimated at Q1, 2018 and last time have not been announced. If you want to get the next token sales updates, you can fill in your email address in the site core. Update information will be automatically sent to your email.

The goal is to bridge the gap between online and offline retailers, trying to create the most advanced technology that enables users and retailers make a transaction. Integrating the latest technology creating a single platform core with high security. Equipped with nCash and procedures will bring more benefits to customers.

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