NYNJA app combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features

NYNJA the company’s international communications and communications technology, today announced the launch of international communications applications, NYNJA first with an integrated trading forum as well as wallet cryptocurrency. NYNJA is an application that combines the function of phone calls, sending messages and images with a complete business management features and functions as well as secure e-commerce. All the features that come with the financial ecosystem and homemade cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. NYNJA has been developed since the Quarter I-2017 and is currently present in the beta version. Sale token of public NYNJACoin will be held on 17 April 2018.
NYNJA will be available in the version of Android, iOS and the Web. Default application development versions of Mac, Linux, and Windows will soon be done. 
 “A mobile chat Application is never endless, but there has never been a unified communications applications and seamless support message delivery and transaction needs of individual and corporate users, as well as having the best security protocols, ” says One of the founders and CEO Salvatore Guerrieri.  “NYNJA became the first application which utilizes the full potential of its user base, supporting users with multimedia messaging application in cross-platform. NYNJA also has forums for trading Blockchain protocol supported are safe. “
Forum buying and selling NYNJA allows its users to buy and sell goods and services internationally through the open FIRE with NYNJACoin, cryptocurrency standard ERC20 of financial ecosystem integrated NYNJA. With NYNJACoin, users can also access a group of specialized users and in-content pay groups such as licensed assets or time consultations. Users can also obtain NYNJACoin by watching the ads and distribute promotional materials from a number of brands such as sticker-packs or coupons. Each account can be set up according to the social life of the individual and corporate users, as well as the wallet comes with a secure Ethereum. It makes the users can freely Transact on the application and make international payments fast, without the need to pay a fee to the payment service providers of external or internal platform fare. Scale NYNJA completely can be increased. Open-source platform will support a number of party application developers to build application through NYNJA value-added.
In addition to the features of the chat, NYNJA showing scheduled message delivery, and translation functions. NYNJA reach global, integrated and safe to use on any platform and device as well as the user can call a free Internet at the same time transfer the call to any phone. A number of architectural features NYNJA have encryption secure data cloud storage to store messages, pictures, and files. Moreover, NYNJA has good design and an intuitive interface with navigation system the wheel concentric central patent registrations. Concentric system wheel speeds up and simplifies navigation using only one thumb as well as reduce the use the back button.
 “More than a quarter of the world population wears a mobile chat application. However, applications that are on the market today missed out because they are global but has features that are too basic. For example, WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook, or applications that are only used in certain regions, such as the Line and WeChat,  “explains Co-founder and President, Alejandro NYNJA Gramont.  “In addition, many of the chat application designed for personal use and socializing rather than business; Furthermore, most applications for business are still classed as a less viable enterprise-grade. NYNJA belong in the class of its own, for the complete features and serves as a communication application that is very adjustable to your needs and has a forum for trading and ecosystems-based financial blockchain.  “
In the launch Application NYNJA will be available in versions of Android, iOS and the Web. The development of applications in the Mac version, Linux and Windows will soon be done.
NYNJA has experienced team includes CEO and business people the world, Salvatore Guerrieri; The company’s co-founder, President, and COO of Alejandro Gramont; Chief Technology Officer, Plamen Minev as well as one of the company’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marshall Taplits. The advisers include Michael Terpin, CEO, Investor Conference Series, CoinAgenda; Ken Lo, CEO, ANX International, which became the payment service providers of the leading blockchain; as well as Howard Bilton, the founder of The Sovereign Group. Miles Pelham, founder of Digitas Limited and Mun Cheong Shing, General Manager, Digital ANX also advising the company.
NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong company that makes applications cross-platform communication with first international forum cryptocurrency and wallets sale and crypto. Applications incorporating NYNJA phone calls, sending text messages and visuals with the usefulness of the business management and e-commerce, NYNJACoin. With NYNJACoin, users can sell traded jobs freelance (freelance) and virtual goods, as well as access exclusive content and earn tokens by watching advertising or promotional materials of various brands.

Website : https://nynjacoin.com
Whitepaper : https://nynjacoin.com/documents/NYNJA_whitepaper_EN_v17_0.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3078752
Twitter : https://twitter.com/nynjapp
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/NYNJA-366419257155105
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/FXJyVVC5-hLs9-TwPvcOYw

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