OBIZCOIN Smart Process Automation BOT Based on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology

OBIZCOIN There are two main challenges facing each of which have a Business Startup & SME, namely the Finance & Operations. With Obizcoin, we will also streamline operations Startups & SME where we also will reassured if the owner at least participate in the day-to-day operations and can concentrate on business expansion. Obizcoin aims to address the challenges faced by more than 80% of the Startup & SMES i.e. “Business Management”, called the argument most failure among these efforts.

The base implementation of Obizcoin help in making business systems, distributed teams, monitor their development, give an award on a team as well as boost the end. All service was given via the State-the very best in the future, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Without any effective business systems, the business loses the power to identify critical shortcomings as well as ideas for developments that can be estimated. BOT ObizCoin will also be able to improve and do Improv with the help of technology from business systems Blockchain AI and the Ethereum. Gradual upgrade in business intelligence will also create more intelligent BOTS everyday.

ObizCoin preparing for the pre-sale ICO global recognition as well as those regarding the “Clever BOT System” first in the world. Base ObizCoin has made a new paradigm in the venture will also manage their internal systems. Every successful company must have the power to describe and apply to every business system, and then examine how fix it. Through the wearing of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, ObizCoin Smart Bot’s will identify and make improvements all the system that goes into a successful business.

The system that is the series of activities undertaken to reach the desired results. Every flurry in an organization requires one system. They will also have the power to learn and offer new steps to apply this system as well as to identify new systems as well as the reply was not well thought out. Without any effective business systems, the business loses the power to identify critical shortcomings as well as the planned developments that can be estimated. Business systems ineffective yg has the negative effect of five times more customers than on delivering product that is ugly.

Smart BOT’s can move a series of interesting systems:

Domain BOT skills: provide a way out of the domain industry experts.
The BOT Process Design: make the system fit the same purposes of the organization.
BOT System provisions: provisions for the use of resources.
SWOT: analysis of BOT system capabilities, shortcomings, opportunities as well as threats.
Smart BOT Contracts: the contract Smart in as well as outside the organization.
BOT Reward system: Automatic Reward System via Ethave Smart Contracts.
BOT: BOT looking for System Audit and review systems and capabilities.
BOT Warning Alerts: predictive and prescriptive.
Business Systems Management

Advantages in Business management system can be achieved by improving and applying Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the organization. BOT categorize organizations fit same size (Startup, small or Medium Level Level) & industry (for example, E-commerce, clothes, jewelry, Elegant Goods, CPG, health, education etc.).

The BOT is not just improve the system but also help in implementation. Implementation includes the allocation of teams to do the system, the allocation of work to the team, monitor progress, provide team award on the team as well as boost system. Obizcoin will also integrate with the API with various ERP such as SAP, Tally, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce and others & lots more.

Analysis Of Operational Risk Score

One of the featured main Obizcoin BOT, namely Operational Risk Analysis Score obtained with a unique risk score algorithm, called the value of comprehensive efforts that need to be ‘ helping SMES, Startup and Investor to discover this;

System level Implementation in the Organization,
Measure the ability of the team in all organizations
The Ability Of The Organization & Lack
It’s not just making sure the score but also analysis reports such as the following
Top Scoring & assessment Parameters like the system Weak/employee/Department/cost center and others.
Tips for improvisation
ICO ObizCoin

ICO pre-order Sale will also be scheduled beginning on December 14, 2017, and driven throughout the six weeks. ObizCoin is holding a private Sale of the current Token as well. Early adopters will also understand the huge bonuses on their token purchases. Generally the ICO i.e. some beginner without any desire and dreams. The parent company ObizCoin already had a successful Consultancy Business Process along more than 5th,. ins. Industry insiders see potential profits in ObizCoin, even the same course may also be valuable with Bitcoin. Discussion of the details of the plan can diliat ObizCoin in their Whitepaper. ICO will also be completed on 14 March 2018.

Like the inspiration behind this project as well as the potential opportunities of application Obizcoin the BOT in the future. The team behind this project left the impression of a few experts in this business section and they create the Foundation for the development of BOT IT throughout the years. When you take the decision to invest in ICO, I encourage you to check out their website and LinkedIn profile.

One thing I . concerned about the magnitude of the project and fund i.e. they plan to ride through ICO. In my opinion, it takes a large marketing campaign to reach out to mean ICO them. I expect they too will succeed and make the members of the team that almost primed to several large companies. Only one thing this BOT still has not yet workable i.e. create original Italy cappuccino, but I believe they will also enhance this role in the future as well as make it a prime graduates with those steps.

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