Omnitude Delivers a Whole Raft of Benefits For Everyone Involved

Omnitude aims to revolutionize connectivity between technology blockchain & enterprise systems. Omnitude platform will act as middleware, which enables simple integration of technology blockchain into existing systems and thus changes their abilities.
What is a omnty?
Omnitude smart blockchain is a platform that connects the blockchain technology, eCommerce platform & system companies involved in establishing an end to end supply chain.
Utilizing the Omnitude as layers of integration between existing systems enables rapid deployment of technology blockchain without the need to change the current system.
What was achieved?
Omnitude allows businesses to solve problems in ways that were previously impossible without the advent of blockchain technology.
Eternity will help achieve:
 Creation of manufacturing and supply chains are transparent and accountable.
 a significant reduction in eCommerce fraud.
 a single customer identity Empowerment for use across the entire e-commerce site Omnitude connected.
 Integration block between enterprise systems such as ERP & WMS.
… And many more solutions from the Omnitude and communities that were built as Omnitude Apps.
The benefits of technology blockchain
Blockchain technology takes a period of immortality and a new transparency in many areas of our lives. With every new blockchain project released, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the level of transparency that can be chosen by the business.
This will cause greater demand from consumers for details and access to detailed data, transaction and what was being processed on their behalf. Companies that do not adopt technology blockchain will be missed in the market was already competitively driven by consumer choice.
Omnitude will be built on the open source project, Hyperledger, global, collaborative, hosted by The Linux Foundation. Hyperledger blockchain is a protocol that enables transactions that allowed business-to-consumer and business-to-business.
Hyperledger architecture provides a core block, where the unity ecosystem built. The oneness of the ecosystem will consist of various entities, including the above mentioned (i.e. traders, customers, suppliers, couriers and affiliates/referrers).
1 the original settlement Method) between parties to access the resources of ecosystems.
 a. The merchant will make payment in other ecosystems ECOM to participants to use the Omnitude solutions on-ledger for Supply Chain Transparency, Data Provenance Delivery Cycle, Single ID, Single Reputation and evidence of interaction.
 b. The customer shall make payment to the merchant using ECOM, crypto and fiat currency.
2) incentives for ecosystem participants to operate and safeguard ecosystems.
a. consistency of relentless of Omnite will be guaranteed by a network of peer-to-peer distributed validates the node that is running the client application Omnitude Core. In return for implementing a consensus algorithm Idiotic Byzantine Byzantine Practices Delegate Tolpedansi (DPBFT), validates the node will share a prize of ECOM blocks.
3) means to raise funds for the development of long-term Omnitude.
 a. Through the method of crowdfunding, Omnitude Foundation raises funds for publishing early, and ECOM for ecosystem development and launch of Oneness.
 b. ECOM coins issued during the initial buoy will become crowdfunding to bootstrap the ecosystem.
Each of the parties will be able to join the Unity ecosystem and get ECOM. It is also possible to buy ECOM in Exchange for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies in Bursa where ECOM registered.

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