Omnity – Military-Grade Knowledge Discovery Applied to the Enterprise

Omnity – search engine for scientists, students, researchers, and many others. Very often students and scholars need the same information, the search does not lead to the desired result, because popular search engines do not display this information on the first page when issuing information. This often leads to the fact that people have to make additional efforts, wasting their own time and money to locate relevant information.
Omnity founded on fundamental advances in semantic search technology links in which we create landscapes of relations based on a value derived from the semantic signatures throughout the document. Thus, the knowledge contained in the document can be deeply connected only through shared ideas.
Intellectual property problem Omnity
Omnity uses the strategy four times to protect their intellectual property by using a combination of proprietary computer code, trade secrets, trademarks, and patents. For commercial secrets, Omnity has developed a number of language filters, and natural language processing stages allow for cross comparison with high semantics and minimal cross-domain Exchange. Knowledge. In the brand include Omnity, Omnity logo, the line connected knowledge» Omnity. Omnity also contains Omnity Omnity and domain name. With regard to patents,
Omnity Features
Data collection
Millions of federal documents from most of the major agencies that huge flows of information that will be useful to the users of the project;
Manual loading documents manually via drag-and-drop interface-simply drag the desired document to become part of the project, the provision of information gives you the opportunity to monetize their efforts; In this case, you can quickly get your reward.
Omnity Documents linked through similar semantic signatures, which allows you to establish an effective information searching on key demands;
Text processed by Fusion natural language processing, machine intelligence, and mathematical graphics. This approach gives you the ability to reliably recognize text and hold the most effective search.
Three years of research and development in the area of stealth are provided more than 500 000 lines of code, and 9 million dollars in sponsorship
Linguistic sequence track semantic signature documents that vary with time, place, and copyright.
Digital rights management for text content in engineering, finance, law, medicine, science in more than 100 languages. This allows you to protect all of the necessary information from the encroachment of the scam.
Hyper-hierarchical document repository for the self-renewing distributed networks papers. Here is all the information that might be required for users of the project.
Bot detection
Search agent “search robots” is activated by dragging the whole query file
Start an automatic search of time-coded and user selectable
Detection reports are periodically sent to users by e-mail
Omnity marker features
Early adoption program (EAP) allows you to increase the value of the token when it is used and resold domestically (depending on the cumulative values of value added).
Tags can be used to run bots detection (search agents find content, cyclically selected by the user)
You can use the tags to customize the import of large documents
Industry goals Omnity
Finance (Find the right investment, fast.)
Legal (Find the correct argument quickly.)
STUDY (spend a study in context, quickly.)
Lawyers and politics (express their own opinion, do everything in order to be heard).
In General, the project is indeed promising and encouraging.
Omnity The search process is not as fast as Google, or other typical search engines, since Omnity searches through its database, looking for links between documents based on search terms. The results are also much narrower compared with hundreds of thousands or millions of pages, which can be the result of conventional search engines. Results Omnity is a visual grouping of relevant documents, which can then be drilled for deeper and deeper searches even more related documents. Finders can even upload their own documents, which will scan to identify rare words and phrases they contain, which, in turn, be used to search for semantic relations with other documents in the database Omnity. Of course, Google and Bing, of course, do not have to fear the emergence of Omnity as a free search engine. Omnity is best for students and researchers, who are looking for in-depth information or neâsnu information that is unlikely to appear in search engines, which evaluates the page for General keywords and inbound links. For those who are interested in delivering Omnity whirlwind engine, the car is now free and open to the general public.

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