Omnity – Self-Assembling, Self-Healing Knowledge Curation & Discovery

Omnity– Decentralized platform uniting document repositories across the world in the global knowledge base, accessible to everyone. Omnity allows you to find any information and all related data, even if this relationship is extremely far from obvious. In a global information world in which we find ourselves, all the information and sources are becoming increasingly defragmented and divided into defined groups, making it difficult to locate and work with them.

Service solves this problem by applying an innovative search engine that has the ability to sort all the unnecessary and present the user with only what he is looking for a minimum of time spent.
Search system simplifies and speeds up the search and analysis of data from different sources and spheres of activity, weather information from the field of medicine, geography, politics or economics. The boundaries erased!
The system is an innovative associative technology search method, which has been made of the lengthy search for solutions and lots of experiments.

In the end, between the different layers of information were created so-called “meaningful relationship” to help identify the total that can be between different types and themes of information. This method proved that many at first glance completely different kinds of information or documents can be linked by the deep inner idea.

Join the ICO Omnity
You can now join the project team in the Telegram, leave feedback or suggestions for the further development of the platform. Omnity Now available MVP platform (product with minimal functionality), where users can upload to a database service any documents and find out if something similar or identical in global internal Omnity library.
You can also share and disseminate information about the project and use tokens in the future platform for use by bots, monitor so that your information is not used without your notice.
 specialized system Adopter (EAP) contributes to the growth of the token and the possibility of using it in further reselling, subject to accrual
 In addition, the token can be used to activate the so-called bots detect is your personal virtual agents that can find content on your chosen subjects.
 used for Token to receive a large amount of information uploaded by the user on the platform.
Who will be interested to offer Omnity?
Medical institutions
The system is able to solve the problem of the lack of systematization in the General list of maps, indicators, medical charts, and medication. Omnity can accept separate signals for queries based on data cards, eliminating gaps in information, giving a quick picture search, finding charts and all necessary information.
High-level public companies
The platform is able to analyze the amount of data being entered from any agency system, and after a certain time to do large-scale analysis of the performance of one or other applicable Agency of the system.

Pharmaceutical companies
Omnitycan available and understandable to classify all groups of drugs on similar grounds, creating the most accurate and easy-to-use database of drugs.

Darby Magill is that the director of engineering and co-founder of omnity. like an expert in building cloud-scale services and distributed systems. She was a senior technologist at Franklin-Templeton investment.
Narayan Narvekar is Chief System designer for Omnity. he’s a full stack engineer expert in building multi-tenant distributed SaaS merchandise.
Florent Bouquet is accountable for front-end net development that features lovely document-driven visualizations that enable users to see communities of connected documents across time, geography, company, community, and AI/ML-based document classification.
This is nice|an excellent|a good} chance for everybody people to participate during this great skilled analysis services platform hurry currently, time watch for no man.

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