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ONe Social Network – social media constitutes the important part of our lives. The world is shrinking with the invention of the Internet, and it has grown more and more with social media. The Web and social networks transform the world into a global village and unite people in a way that has never been before. All this was possible through the Internet and social networks like Facebook, Google +, Instagram. Blockchain-based technologies have made the world more seamless and integrated. The Cryptomoney market is the next big step, and now it’s changing the way people connect to interaction and social media. It is seen that 3.77 billion people in the world use the Internet and 2.79 billion people use social media platforms. Despite these high figures, unfortunately, only 3.2 million people use crypto money.

Social platforms have created a great change in people’s lives. They can be connected to any person living anywhere in the world and accessible to new interactions, relationships and much more. And there’s the other side of the coin. With a lot of photos and information sharing, social networking platforms pose a threat to an individual’s privacy and security. Even years after the start of social networking platforms, it is still unclear which part of our profile is public. Almost half of our youth have received threatening, harassing and degrading messages about social platforms.

Blockchain technology has the power to solve the problems mentioned above and provides innovative and adaptable solutions that can provide the changes needed in the social networking world if effectively adopted and implemented. One is a new type of social network that is supported by blockchain technology and a non-centralized ecosystem and is the safest, most secure, private and reliable social network among those available today.

ONE is the latest social media platform that offers tools to protect your privacy and security. Based on blockchain technology, it aims to boost today’s social media. The main focal point of the platform is privacy, freedom, and control of users ‘ data. Providing the best solutions for data and privacy protection is the ultimate goal of the platform.
In this context, the state-of-the-art technologies, developers, creators, businesses and common individuals are also integrated by providing a common point of interaction that they can discuss both personally and individually.
There is no risk of any third party intervention. In addition, the platform has its own cryptocurrency, Onebit token (OBT), which is an ERC20-compliant token that can be used to reward goods and services with the exchange.

The request to use their assets in social media is left to the user by providing users with the option of making their profiles public or private. The consent and participation of users is the most important thing on the platform. There is an option for users to choose whether they want to be part of the ad network. In addition, after users ‘ approval, more action will be taken on the platform. Those who want to participate in the ad network will be rewarded with onebit tokens.

Token Information and ICF:
Onebit token will be the backbone of the token that Strengths ONe Network and all value and reward transactions on this platform. One Network will be the beginning of a new social experience to reward the data of users and creators and to add value to the network.

Symbol: OBT
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total token quantity: 250 million OBT
Price: 1 OBT = 0.28 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC, LTC
Softcap: 10 million OBT
Hardcap: 37.6 million USD
Special Sales: 26 June-21 July
Pre-sale: 31 July-31 August
General Sales: 18 September-31 October

Conclusion :
The privacy issue arises when your data is abused by the platform itself or by people on the platforms. Marketers, advertisers and professionals use the power of social media to accomplish their goals. New social media will rely on the security and transparency of users. Whatever the cause of the success of the existing social media platforms, it is obvious that the user is not careful about the privacy and security of their data. I believe that the adoption of the public will be an important factor in the success of the platform. Considering all the features mentioned, the one social network stands out as an innovative social network that can meet the user’s expectations and capture future success.

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