ONLINE IO Offering a More Secure, Non-trackable, Without Malware and ads Free Internet.

ONLINE IO OIO online token is the ERC20 card on blockchain Ethereum. The token is used to create a free version, no ads of the browser.
Why web publishers to stop showing ads or track users? Yes, online will reward the site operator through something called “evidence” online. Online quantitative proof of the amount of time the user spent on each web page.
Users can rank each site based on their experience. Users can vote on every site using the system from 1 to 5 stars. The stars are converted based on the algorithm only formula of “trust ratings” for the quality of each site.
Website owners want to eliminate the ads can integrate online Protocol on their web page. After the integration of the Protocol, the web page owner will start making token based on the quality time that users spend on the site.
Online will also have a second token is called token ICE. Users can transfer their TRUST token-which they receive for the website ranking-token into the ICE, then transcode ICE to fiat currencies.
The ultimate goal of the platform is online, “to reinvent the World Wide Web by putting people’s privacy is a top priority, thus offering the internet do not have the ability to track malware and ad-free”.
Online not yet ready for public release. The development team is preparing to launch the beta version of the platform in the third quarter of the year 2018.
How to get Tokens Online work?
Online will use two cards, including the OIO token and token ICE.
The owner of the website protocol implementations will need to get OIO token ICE. ICE token is sent to the owner of the site based on the time the customers for their websites. The OIO card, meanwhile, is kept in a smart contract Ethereum.
Token ICE, meanwhile, was tapped by the web site operator or by the person holding the OIO token by using stock evidence (PoS). The main purpose of the ICE is creating favorable conditions for micropayments on the online platform. The seller has the option to pay by ICE with 0% Commission.
Matter what Tokens Online is trying to solve?
White Books Online refers to all of the following issues:
 Government agencies and major internet companies like Facebook create huge profits by tracking every movement of the user on the internet
 the site today are filled with ads; users are being bombarded with advertising on the internet
 website owners, meanwhile, are forced to show more ads to earn a steady income from their online properties; the site cannot survive without advertising revenues
 more ads have hidden malware, the invasive tracking or Active script viruses
ICO Online
ICO online for OIO token is expected to take place from 15 June to 31 July in 2018.
In total, 70% of the card supplies will be distributed to the OIO community through the crowd. Of the remaining cards will be dedicated to the company (15% of total supply), the marketing and loyalty programs (10%), and the partners and advisors (5%).
There is 2.5 billion maximum supply OIO card. Online has set up an investment worth 5 million u.s. dollars for the sale of the token and a large sum of money is 50 million dollars.
 Notification Code: OIO
 sale starts on 15 June: in 2018
 discount program ends: July 31 in 2018
 Notification Code: 0.04 USD
 Total: 2.5 billion
 standard token: ERC 20
 caps: 5 million USD
 the hard Hat: 50 million USD

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