ONLINE IO Our Solution Offers a Decentralised System For Revolutionizing The Online Experience

ONLINE IO Development of the technology of rapid blockchain create a token economy era or commonly called Tokenomy is getting closer. Currently, the company stub started designing concept for using a token in an ecosystem that is powered by blockchain. One of them is, a platform that can make a publisher Web content monetize without using advertising. Consequently, the user’s browsing experience became more convenient, fast, and secure. Disclaimer: the author is not a programmer nor blockchain investment consultant. The authors do not recommend nor are responsible for any gains or losses from investments in ICO. This paper only as information may be wrong and can be followed or ignored without any coercion.

Background The presence of
User sentiment against advertising on the internet is increasingly on the decline. Most users stated that current advertisements are becoming increasingly intrusive and they also never close your browser because of the pop-up ads. Consumers are increasingly unable to tolerate ads because:

Intrusive and disruptive
Raises security issues
Affect load time and bandwidth
Most users are very misgivings about security and privacy problems.

We know that data on user behavior tracked and recorded for later use to benefit the other party. The increasingly sophisticated tracking techniques can currently keep track of your interests, activity attributes, shopping, places visited by users, etc. Moreover, users do not have access to the data collected and cannot make corrections if an error occurred.

What is an is a platform that can make a publisher Web content monetize without using advertising. Using solution, internet users will be able to enjoy free internet advertising, while web operators can still receive financial compensation upon proof of online. will protect your users use anti-malware script and ad-blocking that can protect personal data of users and while enhancing security. also supplement their platforms by tracking script blocker that can prevent the event tracking real-time components
 browser extensions that can be used for all these good main desktop and mobile.
 merchant internal systems using Marketplace built specifically.
 a wallet that can be used on all these main desktop and mobile.
 mobile applications which support the function of the wallet, ad blocker, the tracking script blocker, and anti-malware.
 Merchant modules/API that allows the merchant receives a payment currency crypto.
Benefits of
For users of the website:
 ad-free
 Free malware
 Not be tracked
 trusted web community
For the operators of the website:
 Increasing the quality of website pages
 Increasing performance (load time) and bandwidth
 Have a new source of income opportunities

Token (OIO)
OIO token was issued to fund the development of the platform as well as Proof-of-Stake (POS) to generate the token ICE. Besides ICE token retrieved from OIO POST, can also be mined with a Proof-of-concept of the Elapsed-Time (POET) or evidence of specific actions users do in a given period. In this case, when users spend time on a website that uses the platform. A number of fixed token ICE will be distributed each week on websites that use and OIO token owners who store their token on a special wallet. Ecosystem chart
OIO tokens can be purchased by users of the internet or the web operators who use the solution The OIO token can be locked in a special wallet to produce token ICE, it is similar to a stock dividend or interest. This is referred to as a Proof-of-Stake (post). Token this OIO will be traded on exchanges so it can be converted to any other coins.

When users spend time on a website that implements the solution, operator of the web also get token ICE. This is called Proof-of-Elapsed-Time (POET). The token of the ICE can be used for buying and selling on the marketplace or merchant or traded on a stock exchange. Meanwhile, users will get the TST Token, that is the token “trust” to be able to rate websites. This is not traded TST token.
Investments in ICO/TGE Online.IO
 the symbol: OIO
 Price token when TGE: 1 OIO = $0.04
 Softcap: $5 million
 Hard cap: $50 million
 receive: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, BTG, DASH, ETC.
 maximum Volume tokens (including bonuses): 2.5 billion OIO
 Token unsold will be removed
 There will only be a one-time Event Generation Token (TGE)
 Start pre-sale: June 15, 2018
 Begin public-sale: July 10, 2018
 TGE ends: July 31, 2018
Tokens will be distributed according to the following percentages:
 70% Community OIO (TGE)
 15% Corporate
 10% Marketing
 5% Advisor

Valuation Token (OIO)
Assuming hardcap can be achieved with total accumulated funds amounting to $50 million. Then we can calculate dilution factor due to token bonus, fee company, marketing, and advisor.
From the table, it can be seen that when we calculate the value of the “real” OIO token, then the $0.04 would be reduced to $0.02857 (bonus terdilusi) and $0.02 (terdilusi bonuses, fee company, marketing, and advisor). The overall dilution factor of 50%. Thus we can see a dilution factor of 50% is larger than most ICO which is generally around 30%-35%.
See this, there arose the question of whether the project is profitable? OIO later this token can be used for staking, and you will get a token ICE so if later traded prices generally will not fall because investors will store this token. What’s more, if you buy the time of pre-sale, you will be able to purchase OIO with bonus 25% to compensate for the dilution factor.

Conclusion Investment OIO
This project has a very bright prospect, furthermore, there has been no similar concept ICO (Author unknown). This technology will make a healthy internet ecosystem free of advertising by way of new monetization for website operators so that when the platform is becoming mainstream, the token OIO, ICE, and TST will be highly valued. Moreover, this project will involve internet users and website operator with a brilliant business model and logical. But of course, it all depends on the timing, adoption, and competence of the team developer to build a quality platform.

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