Open Collectors Network The Specific Elements Are Determined Based On The Standard Specification

Open Collectors Network for unique token collector, which is free for any user, skabe, configure the control, specify the interaction and set up a special element is determined on the basis of the standard specification.

Our platform gives you hate to create, interact and trade reported unique token. Some of the existing Token, which can be sold on the platform, was CryptoPunks, CryptoKittens and Decentraland. Each marker represents something rare and unique, is that dogs are in classic cars, lonely or just an idea

While most of the money that was raised and sold at their Exchange’ll, every 5 coins as good with all other Mopar percent could not be exchanged. There is only one of them, and can be sold individually. This tea is based on a powerful new standard, which was recently given to the ecosystem Ethereum, standard ERC721. This allows you to uniquely identify markers throughout the Ethereum ecosystem in several ways: (address of the contract, the token identifier)
You can create a field of its own.)
Our platform provides an intuitive interface to create a unique token and gießer while the uniqueness. Use a special algorithm to prevent spam and allow token, there are from time to time

Open Collector Network he en decentralize platform, and viewer or not from personal requires keys their bugs. All operators started the evaluation of current data and provides an overview about the project Ecosystem Ethereum. ”
We Build because of platforms are all worthy of their income level and their language skills block area in. Our girl in Gore Our seamless platform. You can use the Open Collector Network, you own, you’re a money-back fung blog chain. They are the most popular pop-up wallet, Ethereum, Metamask, and you can perform all operations for robbers end

The platform is not jammed or collect personal information. “Account” Your website truly represent Your Ethereal bag

It is not. Although the markers can be sold on the platform where we are, there are some important differences:

We are dealing with a unique Token that is unique.
We allow Graben Bei to create your own unique markers.
We let take to make rules for interactions between the elements.
We have a mechanism of remuneration Implementeren Sie background user activity.
We de-centralized

You may be the first and only person who created except that has some rare items. You might see a valuable token or curious and invest the profits. You can play und board or card games, players und hill could have pure factık and selling their games. In fact, set up to manage properly as we can think of, let us fully open platform and respect standards ERC721, battyder that are compatible with several dapps, they work with the token. So, there are examples of usage that will bend the marker value is not even we think

For all these reasons, everything will be block, which ensures evidence of ownership of a particular sign. Transaction hover, actions taken before the symbol listed somewhere on the block, except that it will be visible to others. For that, I’ve made sure that the documents that are up to date there are technical thoughts that you know and understand

ICO is scheduled to take place in the near future with the format below;
Exchange rates the first week will be 1ETH until 6600ECTO. The second week will have Exchange rates 1ETH until 6300CO. Third week will have Exchange rates to 6180 1ETH ECTO and the fourth of which will be the final stage of the sale will be the token rate 1ETH became 6000ECTO. In tokennya name is ECTO.


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