Optherium Labs, Our Goal is to Solve Current Fintech Problems

Optherium – The blockchain is able to fill the shortcomings of the traditional credit system and prevent falsification and counterfeiting of information. This will reduce costs in the community. This applies to finances, e-commerce, med service, Social Security, online shopping, energy and other areas and will be important.
Optherium Labs – “Unification of Blockchain solutions”.
Good afternoon, today my review will be dedicated to the prospective blockchain project Optherium. The mission of the developers is to solve the difficulties of fintech companies by forming a private network of registries.

Financial technology or fintech (from Eng. FinTech is an industry that includes companies that use technology and innovative solutions to be competitive in comparison with established (or traditional) The blockchain organizations. Traditional financial institutions are banks and intermediaries in the area of fin services. The distributed network of registries allows to store, exchange or sell cryptocurrency and real money to both individuals and large companies. Using blockchain technology, it is possible to carry out such activity in any corner of the planet.

How the project ecosystem works
First, the built-in platform is modular. For its work, the private multi-decentralized blockchain is used. It is safe and contains a large number of assorted currencies (both Fiat and cryptocurrency). Transactions are confirmed quickly and require only a few signatures through Hyperledger. Optherium This system allows you to store assets and carry out transactions at a rate of 100,000 + per second.

Advantages of the project:
1. Safe multi-decentralized blockchain
2. Large selection of different currencies
3. Suitable for large organizations and simple users
4. Quick transactions (up to 100.000 in 1 second). This is achieved by combining the speed on the Hyperledger Fabric
5. Patented ecosystem.
6. The company has a license allowing it to exchange Fiat-cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-fiat in the EU.
7. The company also has a license to Perdostavlenie e-wallet Services
8. The integrated ecosystem provides services: Wallet provider, check couscous, recovery of the lost key from the purse.
9. Ability to use the platform as an operating system for trading platforms, centers
10. Storage of information in the private network of the ecosystem
11. Personal peer-to-peer nodes integrated with intellectual contracts and other innovative solutions. The work of multi blockchain is built on close collaboration with Hyperledger Fabric, interplanetary File System, and Jefirium platforms. This combination of Blokchejnov on different platforms is an innovative solution. It allows you to create a secure environment for their network.
12. Ability to create your products on the basis of the project site. They provide fast transactions and dynamic biometrics for this, plus their multicurrency Exchange.

Project cryptocurrency
The ecosystem has its own OPEX token. It allows you to quickly exchange cryptocurrency in Fiat and Fiat in cryptocurrency.

For example:
Mr. A wants to pay Mr. B in bitcoins. However, Mr. B will accept the payment only in dollars. Here the Tiber the platform-OPEX token. It eagles a kind of a seamless bridge. Mr. A translates bitcoins, but Mr. B gets dollars, not even knowing that he was sent exactly cryptocurrency.The company that is engaged in project development is called Optherium Labs. It is a world-famous fintech organization and participant of the following funds:

Crypto Valley

News about the project’s success
The project team signed a deal with the famous digital currency exchange Coinbene. The exchange has more than a million active clients. This will make it possible to popularize the use of Vivuspay safe Purse Company development. The agreement with such a large exchange indicates the seriousness of the project. The ecosystem token will be presented at the exchange in 4 Kvatrele of the current year.

About Vivuspay
Optherium Vivuspay is one of the elements of the platform and a unique purse and mobile application because its work is applied blockchain-ecosystem of the project. High transaction speed, multilevel security (multi secure technology, blocking it with the help of Dinametricheskoj biometrics) and nice user interface. And that’s not all, the exchange of Fiat-cryptocurrency and vice versa is possible around the world. Also, the use of the purse will be useful to “forgetful” people. After all, if you lose the key, the platform will help you recover and access your purse and your assets.

Fast and secure multi transactions Vivuspay.
Multi operations and fast currency Konverticija
The project has a B2B site, which is created for the needs of corporate and banking structures, interested in the introduction of products and services of the project in their systems. It is built to be an interface for exchanges or in banks. Custom APIs provide fast currency exchange and confirmation of transactions with multiple signatures.

B2B will use Hyperledger Fabric and IPFS. This is a revolutionary supposed record of impressive volumes of transaction chain in 1 register in online mode for management and reporting. Supply chain payments are validated by the allowed Intellekualnymi contracts with each vendor.

Conclusion on the project
Optherium The company represents a multisectoral ecosystem that can protect its users from the actions of fraudsters and theft of their digital assets. The technologies used in Vivuspay combine everything necessary for the project to have success in the Crypto world, namely: fast transactions, security of asset storage, simple use. The company has already managed to open an office in China, where it was with its Roadshow.

Website : https://optherium.io
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