OPTin Network Ensuring That All Transactions Are Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure Always

OPTin Network – As a user of highly sophisticated social media is certainly we can exchange data for work or just sharing data to give each other the news. We definitely want the data that we need fast and secure when sending or receiving data we need much less data that we want to be very important and urgent

OPTION solution you are looking for the COIN so far
The coin option is a system service in the transaction data or expedited data exchange system, quickly and securely.
Optin Coin increase advertising by way of strengthening the relationship between consumers and advertisers alike benefit from the transaction data very well and can also be verified as well as the profile of the user on the platform at secure.

An advertiser’s world currently experiencing many problems
and to take advantage of the corporations are trying to maximize their profits, by charging the consumer.
A problem that often in the face of which is:
1. Abuse of user: Intermediaries are unregulated and still unclear openly gathers information about all users so it’s easy to sell data without permission so get
the gains are not few in number.
2. Inefficiency: Internet advertising is not efficient because users don’t like to share personal information with advertisers.
to the detriment of creator adverts because of his opinion any decreases.
3. lack of integrity/availability data: because of the limitations of the advertisers who could not face to face or even talk to each other the advertiser can only get data by looking at ROI or action/cost is desired, most of metrics the ads focused on a lower proxy.
4. less Security: because the data can be easily
5. discrete Data and analysis: current market Research based on ad campaigns. Because the payment of advertising on pay based on per ad not per panelist.

Why could coin option Mixing trade five problems in current natural
That’s because option coin has conducted research with long-term and in doing by a team of experts in solving these problems.
The option has been to minimize hacking coin data by various system among his are:
1. consumer data collection need to be regulated, open, and liquid, in data collection Option coin has combined open-source distributed applications (dAppa), using a system security policy and set option strict so data security is already assured no matter now more consumers free to choose ads that will be displayed, The dApp, with a version ported to mobile phones, desktop/laptops, TVs and smart TVs, now has enacted a module of user .txt, which allows the user selects or block ads based on industry
2. Because the system option uses a personal system, then all companies should have free access to these data insight, because the option is now based on personal blockchain system to do
data, aggregating, storing, and retrieving data that has been at the disposal of consumers, the option will provide the API hooks to promote a dynamic service provider market.
3. Consumers should reap the rewards. Based on a recent study by Kantar shows 59% of 16-34-year-old people prefer video appreciated. The same age group have a 31% chance of putting up ad blocker which means advertisers have two choices: a gift or get the block, so advertisers have to be clever in the advertising package that will be on the show as interesting as possible and without interfere with consumers in the conduct of their activity.

Optin coin held an ICO or sale of tokens that can eventually trade by the holder to get profits.
For the number of token OPTin OPTIN we provide Total 430 million which will be on sale by the sales division is as follows:
The price of a Token $0.10
Pre-sale: 130 million (30.2%)
First sale: 100 million (23.3%)
Reserve: 120 million (27.9%)
Panelists: Network Publishing & 50 million (11.6%)
Legal Adviser: 15 million (& 3.5%)
Program reference: 5 million (1.2%)
Tim Tokens: 10 million (2.3%)

OPTin Network And we will continue to increase the quality of IcoTin kan will use the funds collected in a variety of ways to increase the adoption of,57% of the funds will be used to increase the awareness, adoption, and buy draw big advertisers.
43% of the rest will be used primarily for technology and product development so that OPTin will continue to be updated in accordance with the needs that would make its members more comfortable and satisfied has joined the team of the OPTin.
How To Buy OPTin Token
ICO is OPTIN Portal buyers can register, and buy OPTIN Blockchain enables users to purchase token OPTin with Fiat currencies (USD, EUR) also Cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, BCH,-XRP, LTC) in the portal.

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