OPTin Network Brings Together Advertisers and Users

OPTin Network What is the concept of a modern advertiser and user? A modern advertiser is a person who tries to advertise his product by any means. The user is the person to whom the advertisement is imposed. It seems that everything is true. But it is not. The Advertiser without reliable tools in vain advertises the product and therefore spends the finances and time. And in most cases, advertising is shown not interested in this product users. The user seeing such intrusive advertising simply closes it and unsubscribes from the resource. Sometimes in this advertising trash pops really necessary thing. But mechanically it pops along with another rubbish advertisement. Here is a brief look at how the modern trading sphere works. It seems that everything will remain unchanged, but let’s take a look at the OPTin Network project.
OPTin Network is a platform or ecosystem that brings together advertisers and users. The first ones are provided with qualitative anonymous data of users. The latter, providing such data, receive rewards for them. Already now the whole ecosystem of OPTin Network counts about half a million users and 20 partner sites. At this stage, there is a conversion of earnings of users in the Optin-the official coin of the project.
The purpose of OPTin Network.
The OPTin Network platform is designed for brands, publishers, and marketers who need accurate, quality and reliable information from users. This can be visited pages of sites, scrolling pages, mouse movements and smart cards. Users also benefit from participating in the platform. They get exactly what they are looking for and are not exposed to spam and unnecessary content.
What are OPTin Coins?
OPTin Coins is a currency that unites all and all on the platform. Thanks to the blockchain technology, the OPTin Coins coin will be used to buy ad locations and to encourage users for the data provided.
A total of 430 000 000 coins will be produced. For sale allocated 230 000 000 coins, of which 130 000 000 will be sold during the pre-sale (from August 15 to August 30), and 100 000 000 coins the creators of the project plan to sell from the main sale (from September 1 to September 30).
Opportunities for members of the OPTin Network platform.
Smart ad display.
Each user of the OPTin Network platform is protected from displaying non-interesting advertising and unwanted ads. This is achieved by using the user. txt file that has the conditions written.
Instant payment.
The advertising platform receives payment immediately after the contract with The Advertiser. The delay can only occur with a transaction on the ETH network.
Thanks to the quality information already made available to advertisers, they save up to 50% from one advertising campaign. On the market, this indicator will be just over 11 bln. Dollars.
Data protection.
Access to user data is controlled by smart contract technology.
Road Map
January 10, 2018 – Launch of the OPTin contract (token OPTin received a technical definition and became part of the Ethereum goal).
March 8, 2018 – Creation of OPTin Sidechain (creation of internal purses for users and advertisers).
April 5, 2018 – OPTin became the base currency of DGM (Earnhoney joined the project and began to take OPTin).
July 26, 2018-Beta testing of DAPPS (application to promote users, works as a plugin browser Google Chrome).
August 15, 2018 – Pre-sale of coins (available to investors from 100 coins).
September 1, 2018 – The main sale of coins (purchase is available to all without restrictions).
October 1, 2018 – the Full launch of the platform.
Conclusion : 
I am sure that the OPTin Network project is the best option for users to earn their data, and for advertisers, it is the best platform for promoting and selling their products. Here I would highlight three main components of the platform.
A platform in which advertisers receive only quality data from users with their consent.
All data are anonymous and provided by users who have intentionally agreed to it.
A decentralized system in which users and their payments are separated from the interested parties in this.
This project will bring success to advertisers, users, and platforms for advertising.

Website: https://www.optincoin.org
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18xfJMgdcdrrWcN8aq8OiRVnD80Ug8_MR/view?usp=sharing
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4548980
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EarnHoneydotcom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Earnhoney
Telegram: https://t.me/OPTinCoinOfficial
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