ORBIS The future of FinTech!

ORBIS – The future represents the simplicity and automatization of the services. Whereas today’s financial systems are centralized and serve the interests of a few major players. These are the banks and financial companies that we see internationally. Their structures are also a barrier to success and opportunity for almost everyone in the world. The global negativity caused by them could be shown as the 2008 economic crisis and the debt crisis that was seen in Europe in 2010. However, the obstacles that this system has put forward cannot be overcome and cannot come to an all.

Nowadays people tend to change places for work in more ways than they always are. This has enabled the international monetary movements market to increase in unpredictable levels. For example, in 2014, 596 billion dollars in Money movement, the 436 billion dollars in the developed countries formed. In addition, the specified figures increase to be fixed each year at a greater rate. Most monetary movements in Western countries have been made through banks, but only three banks have been through external institutions: Western Union, Monogram, and Ria money.
The Orbıs intend to find solutions to the problems found at this point. The first solution is to remove third-party intermediaries by removing high wages and costly barriers. The removal of third-party intermediaries means that reducing the expense of unnecessary and increasingly costly expenses is almost as close to zero. The second solution offered by the orbıs is to significantly reduce the waiting times. Transactions should be made as soon as possible, not in a model that spans business days or business hours. It is evident that the speed and the importance of time are crucial today. Thirdly, the introduction of the self-service system and the abolition of imposed restrictions are intended. Fourth, it is aimed to remove complex paperwork and document bureaucracy. For all these purposes, the orbıs will overcome with desktops, ATMs, and mobile platforms.

The solution offered by the Orbıs is separated from the others. Orbıs uses P2P technology to ensure that expenses are exceptionally low compared to other bank or money transfer agencies, and transaction fees are minimal.

Orbıs Crypto Economy vision and business plan
Today, the bank account ownership rate is around 60% worldwide. 40% of the population in developing countries does not have a bank account. For example, Mastercard and Visa collaborating with other companies for financial access in 2016 in the year 2020. However, this cooperation will apply to 25 countries. This situation excludes 73% of the world’s population. The Orbıs envisages providing access to the financial system of 3 million people across Latin America, Africa and Asia by 2020.

Orbıs ‘ decentralized, unique platform differs from other banking systems and can be used by anyone of all ages. Users of the army can save money by pressing a single key, transfer their assets, invest and obtain credits. Like other cryptocurrencies, Orbıs will also be stored in a digital wallet. These wallets are a digital wallet that is in the context of the platforms. The wallet content will be the token transfer account, the token investment Account, the IBAN account and the accumulation account for the currencies in circulation.

Token and Ico
In general, the crypto money platforms are just a coin holder with varying value. However, he will be the owner of two coins, Orbsi and Orbis Coin (orbs). The value of the Orbıs tokens will be $0.50 and 8 trillion token supply. The token tokens will allow users to safely transfer their assets without losing money. If the token is limited to 80 million, the value will still be $0.50. Orbhevest tokens will be used for investors to keep and earn money mostly in the cryptocurrency market.

The funds collected will be used in different fields. 10% of these are legal and undergraduate operations, for the 10% IT team, 5% will be used for wages, 30% marketing, 20% for blockchain developments, 5% for research and 20% in the field of development and VR developments.

Between 16 and 30 April, a 50% discount is offered to all buyers during the pre-Ico period. The team will anticipate launching the platform on May 10, 2018, and the initial 50 million token supply. If the minimum destination is not reached, buyers ‘ funds will be returned to them.

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