OTPPAY payment platform that will pave the way for the use of currency in crypto

OTPPAY is the “Omni Platform for Token Payments”, Wallet-powered Blockchain (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will become the world’s largest platform where all the main crypto assets can be bought, traded and even make payments to merchants with a low cost direct or escrow-based.

Any new technological advances will be considered successful if it makes changes in the general population of all ethnic and age groups. To achieve a sustainable ecosystem, we build innovative platforms shoud balancing market vs current futuristic market. As an organization, we create transparency, finance, business models, licensing, accreditation, audit reports and revenue stream. OTPPAY we will pave the way for the transformation of the crypto with a transparent business modeling and costs that can be justified.

We are a team of developers, engineers, artists, problem solver, Economist and the first adopters who work every day to build a sustainable economy of Cryptography. Think, design, test, get up and go to market. We are aware of the needs of consumer innovation, as we imagine OTPPAY. Whether you trade cryptography or cryptographic payments, this is Your one-stop solution. We strive for openness, innovation and trust, but most importantly we strive to be a significant contribution for our clients. OTPPAY: Omni Platform Token to

The payout, we sure can bridge the gap between the Cryptography and direct payments directly. The vision of openness we don’t just mean our technology, but also to the culture of our company. We believe to share, create together and appreciate each other.

OTPPAY Debit Card:
The main goal of Otppay is to replace or bridge the traditional banking system by using the CryptoOtppay Bank with payments, transfers, currency exchange and loan options Blockchain. To achieve objectives and deliver a sophisticated liquidity solutions to customers by providing innovative mobile applications with their debit cards without contacts that can be used around the world.

Intelligent AI machine our strong & ML will automatically process the conversion/exchange request on time. Consider if you are travelling from the United Kingdom to the United States, and if you withdraw cash from an ATM, the application of GPS driven we instruct the server Otppay to change the value of the requested crypto to fiat or fiat to meet demand and give the card. . with the number of the requested withdrawal. Therefore eradicate the time and money spent for Forex transactions. Otppay offers an unmatched advantage of “no limits * up/down on the volume of transactions on the crypto option & fiat the option cash back points for loyalty & card users.

OTPPAY using the end to end protocols for confirmation of identity, risk assessment, and fully credit assessment at Blockchain. Attestation of identity will be processed by eKYC. At OTPPAY, we consider the privacy of our customers as its core. Whenever third parties or institutions to access Score our CCR, our system will immediately send a notice of warning, after specific people approving the request then access will be granted to assessors. Our data will be the end to end with encryption, thus providing extra security for our users.

Pre ICO will launch March 5 and April 3, Pre ICO will end.
1 objective to collect 3750 ETH
1 OTP token = 0.0000625 ETH
1 ETH = 16000
Bonus OO Pre ICO ICO 20% of stage 1 will begin on 4 April and 3 may be over.

Target 37500 ETH
1 OTP Token = 0.000125 ETH
1 ETH = 8000

The second stage of the ICO will begin on May 4 and ends on June 2.
Targeting 30000 ETH
1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
1 ETH = 8,000 OTP
ICO bonus 10%
That’s the explanation and information about my otppay, so in conclusion otppay is a unique payment platform will pave the way for the use of currency in crypto.

Website : https://otppay.io
Whitepaper : https://otppay.io/Assets/otppay-whitepaper/OTPPAY_White_paper_v1.1.pdf
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2874336.0
Twitter : https://twitter.com/otppay
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Otppay
Telegram : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2874336.0
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2874336.0

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