OutCloud Systems, Inc. – redefining the file sharing industry

Outofthecloud is a file and shares it for a solution that is based on blockchain data. Outcloud Systems, Inc. already has a platform for operational delivery have facilitated transfer files to multimedia. The company is conducting an ICO campaign to improve its product and make blockchain. The team offers a free version of the Outofthecloud solution. Free users will provide a certain amount of storage space in exchange for storage space available to other users. Paid plans will also be available. They will be different in terms of throughput, overall file size, speed, and security.

Outcloud Systems offers its users many benefits of cloud computing without the cloud-related security risks. Instead of requiring permissions that give you full access to all your computer files, Outofthecloud will allow the user to access all of their files on all of their devices from anywhere in the world.

Outofthecloud is a new generation of file sharing solutions that offers users a dynamic presentation and instant delivery platform. With a simple two-step process, you can download and send all the video, audio, documents, and image files you want. This creates a professionally displayed, secure Web page presentation that shows all of the selected files. is a Link to a Web page that has a secure presentation and will then be sent to a number of the desired recipients who already have access to view, play, or listen to all that is the files that are not required. Premium users can even use several custom branding options that make these presentations similar to their personal or corporate website.

Outofthecloud offers its users many benefits of cloud computing without any cloud-related risks.

The Outcloud Systems platform is ready to reach five potential markets:
 Business and entrepreneurship
 Small Business
 Freelancers
 Individual users
 Free users

Outofthecloud has a proposition!
Your recipient no longer needs to download files for viewing, he will see them at first sight! To do this, Outofthecloud created such a system so that you can make a presentation of Web pages, toolbars that will be configured and protected. A lot of opportunities! Some of them, such as Place a banner in your presentation, add the logo directly in your videos, drag the files to where you want them to appear!
What other possibilities are waiting for you with the use of Outofthecloud your client will no longer need to install anything, all he needs is access to the Internet to view your files. And I am glad that he will see them as you wish! After all, regularly many decisions are made on the basis of the seen and presented information. Outofthecloud You no longer need to download, a separate file and view them each in a separate window! Your client will see everything at once, and it is fast and only depends on you what impressions remain after viewing.

Coin distribution
The preliminary Prodzha of the coin is launched to finance the further development of the platform and the Blockchain Outcloud network. The focus will be on planning. The ecosystem will have access to 1.2 billion.

Outofthecloud has ignored foreign file industry and has set new standards for the procedures of how everyone in sending and receiving files. Currently, the leading file Exchange services use technologies that, by today’s standards, are considered primitive at best. Rather than to create a new platform, they are based on the old version, and to allow for Outcloud Systems, Inc. will be leading the latest generation technology in sharing files.

Detail Information :
Website: https://www.outofthecloud.io
Whitepaper : https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A

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