Outofthecloud – New and Dynamic Ways to Share Files and Data

Outofthecloud OOTC provides users with access to the Outofthecloud File Exchange platform and provides a secure, private, and decentralized method for acknowledging and conducting all transactions on the network, including future ad sales. Outcloud is a utility or transactional token that can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, content creators and businesses on the new digital advertising platform and blockchain-based services.
The Outcloud system was first developed exclusively for use by a private investigator agency as a means of securely sending materials relevant to the case to customers who often included video, documents, audio, and image files. Other file-sharing services available at the time were associated with serious security issues. Existing file-sharing services also required the recipient to download files one at a distance before they could even be viewed and required users to provide their own data. You can imagine how it is not convenient, time-consuming and the main thing is not safe.
The developer and later Geniralny director Matt D. Ballard with web developer Robert Caddy solved the problem. Together they have created a system and then they call it mycaseviewer (MCV), and this system has been successfully operating since the year 2013.. (MCV) still serves the private detective industry. The system (MCV) has improved significantly over the past few years by taking customer feedback and putting it into action, leading to numerous product improvements.
The Outcloud system offers its users many benefits of cloud computing without any cloud-related risks. No security of information and media-this is the scourge of our time, the developers believe. Unlike the other ICO, which You may have studied, Outofthecloud Systems, Inc. Actually has a working program. Outcloud Systems, INC. has developed a delivery platform for sending several large media files and went far beyond the usual file sharing to enable dynamic and instantaneous streaming of these files in a secure, A safe and fully customizable display that can be personalized for each recipient.
An outcloud project that once again proves the effectiveness of blockchain technologies, with a tremendous speed, breaking into our reality.
Out of the cloud-a revolution in the exchange of files and data through blockchain technology. What does this project offer us, let us understand together?
Out of the cloud is a new dynamic way to share files and data that will be stored in secure and locked folders, encrypted, parsed and posted throughout the blockchain chain. Decentralized storage is a guarantee of reliability.
Outofthecloud  Systems is a platform where files are exchanged and a new standard of how people send and receive large files is set. Currently, the leading file Exchange services use technologies that, by today’s standards, are considered primitive at best. 
Outcloud Systems offers its users many benefits of cloud computing without the cloud-related security risks. Instead of requiring permissions that give you full access to all your computer files, Outofthecloud will allow the user to access all of their files on all of their devices from anywhere in the world.
The Outcloud Systems platform is ready to reach five potential markets:
 Business and entrepreneurship
 Small Business
 Freelancers
 Individual users
 Free users
Token Details:
Symbol: OUT
Price: 1 OUT = 0.15 USD
Soft cap: 10 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 50 000 000 USD

Detail Information :
Website: https://www.outofthecloud.io
Whitepaper : https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/OutCloudSystemsInc
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OutCloudSystems
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/GGVHiA9p9YUJS2mfi4a58A
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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