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BITFXT is an IT company that develops valuable blockchain software. We aim to bring people closer to the “blockchain” by producing interactive, easy-to-use, non-centralized solutions that can be easily accessed for everyone. I got it right here, just like they were talking about. As a description, we can talk about […]

Excaliburos – So, what are we doing here today? Another project on blockchain? Well, yes, but no. Here the word “regular ” is required to take and throw out… Somewhere away. It is easier to replace this word with innovative, extraordinary, stunning! Why am I falling into epithets? Well, because I […]

Lendledger  Borrowers in the informal sector and small businesses face many challenges when they try to borrow credit from official creditors. They should have a good credit history from banks and other institutional lenders. They should also have the correct documentation for obtaining credits. Credit procedures are also too burdensome, […]

Drife – The global transport industry is currently developing at a very rapid pace. The market of private road transportations has not become an exception, as in the modern world people more and more often travel and need high-quality taxi services available at any time and anywhere in the world. […]

CYBR –  is a topical issue in the modern world, because most transactions are carried out on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the existing services do not guarantee the security of their customers. In real life, you can steal a purse or bag, but it will not be as critical […]