BTC Reviews and News

Root blockchain is a service startup model that runs on a blockchain with a very flexible business model. This service enables companies to integrate technologies into existing platforms. Rootblockchain solves many problems with its unique offers-Blockchain as a service (BaaS)-the first hybrid block-key with flexible opportunities for business and individuals. […]

BIRAKE is built by software vendors operating in the Websoftwarebranche since 2010. We are a real company, we have become more active in the media industry and especially in South America. We have a portfolio of software solutions and support more than 20 million users per day. Since 2010, we […]

EGRETIA  Platform activity is optimized for the gaming industry. To date, many application developers want to block them, but sometimes it may not be possible based on lack of time or skills. The platform’s functionality helps many game creators get quick and secure access to BLOCKCHAIN. Thus, using the basic […]

DEEP AERO Drone is an air vehicle that has various forms, such as airplanes, helicopters or others, operated without the use of a crew or pilot, uses remote control, and the GPS system (Global System of Detection Location) is a satellite navigation system for demonstrating the position of an unmanned […]

VOLT is a platform designed for direct P2P delivery. Due to the fact that the mediator disappears between the participants, the Commission will be less than 5% and therefore the shipping cost decreases. Most of these platforms work with the use of centralized Hub & Spoke models. But this model […]

Hash card – is a map that really works in the everyday world. Many attempts have been made to create a bìtkoìn map that offers decentralized bank, instant conversions and reliable exchange rates. Until the hash Card, it was not achieved, despite the fact that millions of dollars have poured […]