BTC Reviews and News

WHAT IS PAYPRO? PAYPRO  is decentralized bank created to manage other eco system where the price given on the new structure because of Smart Contracts. Therefore, PayPro is the commercial centre associated with decentralized where each dApp can post his administration. We also build Wallet where the client has the […]

ELLCRYS –  a network for creating and managing an open and decentralized organization consisting of a distributed global collaborators who work together to build software products and services . Block network offers the Ellcrys integrate Git [1] to allow collaborators to build software collectively and from anywhere. Anyone can create […]

AKAIITO  complex of platforms combined in one resource allowing to exist in the real world with the new currency, it is a unique opportunity to buy all kinds of goods, to rent a house and a car for lease, to use hiring and the help of experts from a nanny […]

KWHCOIN To improve the lives of the 1.2 billion people worldwide without reliable energy access. KWHCoin will achieve this by building a platform that allows anyone in the world to buy or sell renewable energy sources through renewable energy Grid platform-blockchain. KWHCoin will allow underserved to claim freedom of energy. […]

Chainium has a simple mission: Shake the world stock market. Chainium that today’s stock markets-like traditional stock markets and the way we interact with them-are inefficient. These systems are slow and expensive for all participants, including investors and businesses seeking financing. This is a problem that chainium want to solve.Chainium […]

BITCOIN ATOM Everyone’s talking about Bitcoin now and how it has increased this year. Those who do not know much about the dangers of Cryptococcus now more involved and would like to hear and experience more of it. They also want to invest. We need to focus on how we […]