BTC Reviews and News

Cewnote is a decentralized news platform using the blockchain technology and created on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of Blockchain technology allows the decentralize platform to Cewnote, make it more secure and reliable for customers. The development team is going to use sophisticated algorithms that allow the use of Cewnote […]

Ubex is a blockchain-project which with the help of artificial intelligence improves the algorithm of demonstrating targeted advertising, in fact, it should help the advertisers first and those who have them place ads. Ubex operates in the sphere of advertising program that is algorithms on the basis of which the […]

MetaHash – The modern world and its technologies do not stand still, many of us have not so long ago learned about such technology as blockchain, someone managed to use the services in the basis of which this technology was formed, someone did not have time, but I can say […]

Laccoin is an Ethereum-supported crypto that uses a mobile wallet. Individual users have the option to exchange their Kryptowährungen and Lac tokens via their mobile purse or to issue their LAC tokens or another crypto via their prepaid debit card from Laccoin. Laccoin Wallet will be available for download via […]

Homelend – Good afternoon, dear friends! Today we will talk about such direction as crediting. This sphere is extensive, and I would like to have a conversation about its separate part, such as mortgage loans. Today, this direction is very important. More and more people are taking mortgage loans every […]

FANCHAIN – Today, many people are interested in different kinds of sports, and each of them hopes that the game he is watching will bring him full satisfaction. It is thanks to this football, hockey, basketball, handball, tennis and other sports chained the attention of fans and mass media. The […]