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Peerguess is a free application ticker Cryptococcus designed to answer questions in the trade or trades. This application to know the price of the BTC 24 hours following him. We can guess the next price to make profit, learn about the tendency of the price and have access to more […]

Project Udiar founded in 2015 to create one universal list of the results of intellectual activity which is designed to facilitate copyright registration and security. Copyright registration body prototype was launched in 2016. This service is configured to register (or deposit) original works online for free. Udiar open innovation Open […]

What is GLOBITEX Globitex is the exchange of Bitcoin institutional class, with the FIX API connectivity fully functional, which offers direct market access to algorithmic traders. Launched in the summer of 2017 as prototype work, being tested in Beta mode is limited and is expected to start operating open earlier […]

When I first heard about cryptocurrencies, people say it will replace the fiat and the banking industry. Back then it seemed like a dream. But from the perspective of the present, that become a reality. One of the companies that make this a reality is BLOCKBANK. BlockBank is the International […]

BitClave – Search engines rule the internet. Every forty seconds, Google alone handles over 40,000 search queries worldwide. With every click, they consume more data from users around the globe.But there is a new-kid-on-the-block that threatens to break up the centralized power search engines hold: blockchain technology. Why The Current […]

[Dentacoin] -Dentacoin is a business concept that moves on the basis of Blokchain and was first designed by the Global Dental Industry. DentaCoin issued a token in the konigurasikan using the ERC20 to be used globally by any of its users around the worldDentacoin as the new company was doing […]