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THINKCOIN – We will talk again about the trade exchanges, namely the best of them. Everyone, who at least once tried to seriously ask the question of trading on the stock exchanges, faced a number of problems: how honest is the exchange and how profitable and safe to invest in […]

EXCHANGERATE ROBOT – Many investors consider digital currency as a viable investment option. However, the market for crypto assets, which is characterized by volatility in the short term, can become a deterrent for investors. Kriptoindustrija is also vulnerable to external influences, including hacking, moving other currencies, and government regulations. These […]

Worldex – Let me present to you today a project, the ICO of which is already in very long and minimal fees already achieved: the platform WorldEx. As the name of the project shows, WorldEx is a stock exchange platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrency around the world. Characteristics of […]

Ethernitymining is a project that combines crypto mining green energy, renewables and hardware purchases large quantities of mines who introduced the concept to the big mining companies and hardware providers of South Africa, as well as be able to close the deal that can run up to 30% discount on […]