BTC Reviews and News

MYTC – More than 5 million SME are exchanging/exchanging around the world, but there are no platforms that these companies can swap and exchange together around the world. The current members of Exchange/exchange transactions have limited access to members of other platforms and are overloaded and controlled through books, securities […]

Viva Network is a decentralized ecosystem that connects mortgage borrowers to global investors within an unlimited, secure blockchain cloud platform. The innovative technology Viva uses smart contracts Ethereum to protect and securitization private home loans in fractionated Mortgage shares (FMS) that can be easily bought and sold on the Viva […]

The XRT Coin API API allows any developer to add XRT coins as a payment option. Enterprises in the food and beverage sector began to cooperate with the XRT platform to accept XRT coins. Customers will be able to pay for their services in cafes and restaurants using XRT coins. […]

MAGNUS  – Today I will tell about one rather attractive and perspective project Magnus Surprisingly, a few years ago we could not imagine that robots could become a part of our lives, an assistant in the house, an excellent robotic employee at work, even a worker in the bank and […]

HoryouSolving social problems are essential in our communities when individuals join a common cause – they can break through all barriers and reach their goals. Personally, I love innovative projects, especially innovations for a noble purpose – if you have followed me, you will understand that I have a passion […]