BTC Reviews and News

XYO NETWORK With more than 1 million location flares-verification of existing in the world, and more added to our network every day, the network is a network of oracle XYO Proof of Location Blockchain first. Join us in the trading market decentralization depends on location, which amounted to $11 trillion […]

OTPPAY is the “Omni Platform for Token Payments”, Wallet-powered Blockchain (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will become the world’s largest platform where all the main crypto assets can be bought, traded and even make payments to merchants with a low cost direct or escrow-based. Any new technological […]

BETEX – Powered by smart contract Ethereum , brings undeniable transparency, fair behavior, and audible result to binary options trading. With Betex, the traders will be placing bets with each other and never against or other intermediary platform provider. Built with Blockchain technology, unlike traditional platform, Betex will provide access […]

CryptF crypto is a product-based collective investment instruments/blockchain. The coins will be traded on exchanges such as Crypto and crypto coins available for anyone to buy. What makes CryptF unique coin is a reliable support stock and bond with blue-chip. The price of coins with a value of hard-wired securities […]

PHITOKEN  is a decentralized system that involves blockchain and consists of a few smart contracts around a chain block and crypto currency itself, and the platform is a product of the system that is created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and logistics companies and organizations that experienced […]