BTC Reviews and News

Drife – The global transport industry is currently developing at a very rapid pace. The market of private road transportations has not become an exception, as in the modern world people more and more often travel and need high-quality taxi services available at any time and anywhere in the world. […]

CYBR –  is a topical issue in the modern world, because most transactions are carried out on the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the existing services do not guarantee the security of their customers. In real life, you can steal a purse or bag, but it will not be as critical […]

Iovo  – To date, there is a huge number of blockchain startups in the world. They are similar in some terms, but not always under the big names hides qualitative, really worthy projects. Moreover, among them, there are sometimes scammers who give themselves funds to investors. The project we want […]

Trade Pharma  – Today’s world there are a lot of projects related to blockchain technologies applied in our daily life, but Trade Pharma Network is a future project, licensed by the EU, and an international farm-oriented market for buyers and Regular drug operations. The artificial intelligence (AI) platform uses powerful […]

Xera will provide the professional tools and resources necessary for traders to accurately execute transactions. Xera currently establishes partnerships with professionals from various industries to help develop a reliable trading platform. Liquidity increase in liquidity on cryptocurrency trading platforms is one of the ways to promote mass implementation. To make […]