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Infracoins is a solution that is powerful and the most complete for Your long-term investment needs. Now you can easily invest in real estate anywhere in the world. Proven customer security through the “Know Your Customers” chain (KYC). Buy and sell INF with Fiat as well as other cryptocurrencies. Allows […]

REMIIT  is a decentralized platform that unites businesses and private users to conduct money transfers based on the principles of openness and trust. Realization of the idea is made on the basis of blockchain technology. The working tool is the Smartcontractsystem application. The main essence of the project The developers […]

MenaPay – In principle, Menapay-a payment gateway, with which you can effectively replace the old payment methods, using a protected crypto on the basis of the intellectual contract ERC-20. In accordance with their telegrams chat they develop their own chain, called Menachain, for a faster transaction. Here’s their structure ICO. As […]

Capverto Exchange Existing banking systems are significantly outdated, people have to deal with huge commissions and weak security of funds. But Capverto developers offer an innovative open source solution based on Blokchejne. This is a huge virtual bank, the basis of which is blockchain. All users of the project will be […]

PlayGame Hello dear readers, today we touch on the topic of computer games and unique project PlayGame. Let’s find out what we offer developers of this service. Let’s start with computer games. For several decades they excite the brain not only people aged 10-20 years, but also the older generation. And […]

Omnity – Decentralized platform uniting document repositories across the world in the global knowledge base, accessible to everyone. Omnity allows you to find any information and all related data, even if this relationship is extremely far from obvious. In a global information world in which we find ourselves, all the […]