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Terawatt – There’s an unprecedented heat on the street, so it’s not about her, it’s about the light bulbs. Without electricity, there’s not going anywhere. One of the first tasks for which electricity was applied is lighting. The first light bulb in the world was invented by Russian engineer, inventor […]

HORIZON – The modern man simply does not imagine his life without the Internet. And what is the matter with him in the remote areas? Take Bermuda. As a British overseas territory, the islands have one of the highest levels of life in the world. The economy of the island […]

Monvid – The developers of the unique decentralized project Monvid do everything to ensure that future generations receive a new quality of digital content transfer. Stream a variety of videos at no cost, watching TV online with great savings-this is what users of the decentralized platform Monvid can get. Streaming […]

Stealth Crypto is a platform created to provide a safe place to store all data transactions and crypto. The word “safe” means the platform’s ability to make each transaction undetectable by others (unknown to others in Blokchain). It is a decentralized and autonomous technology. This transaction is decentralized: Stealthcrypto provides […]

FAIR NINJA – The development of the Internet world today is so advanced that it encourages young businessmen to move in all areas, to create something new in terms of their business, to balance the development of technology and the Internet so that they can survive in the middle Time […]