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MEDIA Protocol is a London startup, founded last year. He calls the current content distribution system (withholdings and centralized distribution sites) ineffective and unstable. Instead, MEDIA Protocol offers a complex of thematic, highly specialized aggregator applications assembled on the blockchain platform. Publishers and authors here have the right to expect […]

CryptalDash Currency conversion cryptocurrency (DCE) is an activity that allows customers to Exchange digital currency or cryptocurrency for other assets, such as fiat currencies are conventional or various digital currency. They may market makers who generally receive bid/need a spread as a transaction Commission for their services or pay only […]

Cryptosolartech High energy costs for mining cryptocurrency-the main problem in this sector. Mining involves huge energy costs for its operation due to the huge mathematical calculations that processors have to make. It should be noted that the life of cryptocurrency is strictly connected with electricity. With the extraction of cryptocurrency consumed […]

MF Chain – Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) are building the future of cryptocurrency. By partnering with processors and traders. The chain will build a cost value of MF trader zero while offering innovative gift to consumers and merchants. MF chains specifically designed to build value for all parties involved in […]