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TIPPER In the development of a current technology, an increasing array of improvement in the various sectors continue to experience a great improvement, and also because of the encouragement of a technology increasingly makes various changes, innovations and also the rate on the increasing creativity and then life is getting […]

ELEMENTH –  is a blockchain designed for the e-commerce sector. This is a list of “ownership of goods “, which has the ability to write a special smart contracts and use the standard nomenclature for immediately creating a centralized and decentralized applications. FEATURES OF ELEMENTH Unified Nomenclature Of Goods One […]

DIW TOKEN  is decentralized identification service that is personalized for the comfort and safety of a new standard. With the patented system functionality, users can store and access confidential data are scrambled on the technology blockchain. According to independent experts, in the long run, the DIW will become a valuable […]