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DEEP AERO Drone is an air vehicle that has various forms, such as airplanes, helicopters or others, operated without the use of a crew or pilot, uses remote control, and the GPS system (Global System of Detection Location) is a satellite navigation system for demonstrating the position of an unmanned […]

VOLT is a platform designed for direct P2P delivery. Due to the fact that the mediator disappears between the participants, the Commission will be less than 5% and therefore the shipping cost decreases. Most of these platforms work with the use of centralized Hub & Spoke models. But this model […]

Hash card – is a map that really works in the everyday world. Many attempts have been made to create a bìtkoìn map that offers decentralized bank, instant conversions and reliable exchange rates. Until the hash Card, it was not achieved, despite the fact that millions of dollars have poured […]

THE DEAL COIN The majority of existing firms regularly take short-term and long-term loans. They buy equipment, carry out necessary supplies, create infrastructure or simply pay salaries in anticipation of money from customers. In most countries, successful, stable small and medium-sized organizations are severely restricted in their access to finance. […]

Triggmine is a system of email marketing automation for intelligent based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. This service allows the entrepreneur to run eCommerce email marketing campaigns are cost-effective using AI-based systems. Smart contracts guarantee the results of the selection. Blockchain technology ensures the use and benefits of 100% […]

LocalCoinSwap Hi, today we will talk about a very interesting and promising project, which is already assembled soft cap, and ahead of the main round of sales! Localcoinswap is a decentralized platform for trading cryptocurrency P2P, which means that any market participant trades directly with another market participant, without the […]