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Podone I tell them that Podone is currently doing his ICO, I will generate an analysis above the project because as recommended by Jhon McAfee wanted to give a review to his whitepaper, the project is difficult to understand because it is very technical and sometimes can be difficult To […]

NodePower On the basis of some of the inventions in the field of pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic fields are created in the 70s-80s, is proposed in order to allow for the transfer of energy through the magnetic moments of atoms of matter, which is the starting point for the research Node […]

CIBUS In our capitalist world, it’s easy to experience fraud in the buying and selling process. This phenomenon occurs in all sectors of the economy. For merchants, the sale of 100% of the goods it is ideal, but this is not possible, so there are still a number of unrealized […]

CryptoBnB The market today is aware of the significant challenges, the high costs of up to 25 percent of the transactions, the inefficient search engines, transaction fraud and deception of the property, and reviews that are not true. Many of these issues are inherent in centralized systems, most notably the […]

WHAT IS PAYPRO? PAYPRO  is decentralized bank created to manage other eco system where the price given on the new structure because of Smart Contracts. Therefore, PayPro is the commercial centre associated with decentralized where each dApp can post his administration. We also build Wallet where the client has the […]