BTC Reviews and News

EOZ Currently Cryptocurrency is very popular among the public and has many projects that start implementing technology Blockchain. This is due because they believe that Blokchain Technology is a technology of the future and will bring changes to the projects to be able to compete and go a step better […]

IP Exchange (IPSX), as you may have guessed, is a company that has developed a service for you to change your IP. The company stated that this was a multi million dollar industry because many internet users need to change their IP. Security, access to blocked content for their country […]

GIFTCOIN – Decentralized blockchain is one of the new faces that menghiasai face industi investments globally and almost all walks of life a chance to have an easy digital asset value owned and has a large profitable value appeals other investment industry, in its application of this industry has always […]

MEDICHAIN – Starting in 2015, large data start to infamous in the information technology industry, in business operations as a tool to help employees work more efficiently and restructure the collection and distribution of information technology. Large data has become a useful tool in many industries to include human health/medical […]