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VESTARIN is a platform where merchants, services, restaurant owners and their businesses to integrate entertainment allows users to purchase and take actions targeted crypto. Vestarin platform to handle investors ‘ contributions to risk reduction OKI. ICO project leaders integrate their startups into the platform where users, including crypto, is also […]

EMMARES connecting high-quality email content with interested recipients. Encourage better quality content, low frequency, content and evaluation of a fair, EMMARES presents a new value, the expanded audience for marketers email and spam only slightly with the desired content to the recipient. EMMARES-Email Marketing evaluation system System is Rewarding highly […]

PROPERTY COIN is exclusive you to participate in the token are supported by a diverse portfolio diversification diversified real estate professionally and loans that cannot be found using Aperture technology platform. Our vision is to foster a Property Coin (PCX) into a property portfolio and loans valued at $1 billion […]

IAM Hero is a career search platforms, platform and look for work. Connecting people and the company. We do not match the job with other people, we work with the personality to match. “Together we are all Heroes”. Together, we can do this by changing the society became a task […]