BTC Reviews and News

MYWISH is the new thing on the market, and the project itself has a very important issue. It is a fact that the Lastwish project allows the management of currencies automatic crypto for people who are in different life situations. This project uses the MYWISH platform that works with smart […]

CrowdDrive – With our car, we give every car lovers the opportunity to participate in the car of his dreams, and get money from him. You now have the opportunity to participate freely in our vehicles fit your budget. Already from the participation of $10 you get of course the […]

TOKENPAY – Security is considered in various aspects. Let alone speak cryptocurrency business problems. Security becomes a major choice, because based on the facts that happened, very much the hackers who targeted bitcoin or altcoin from the pemengang token or coin. Responding to this, one of the companies engaged in the […]

PAYTAILOR The world grew from one layer to the other with the virtual economy took center stage. The revelation has proved that the concept of ‘ cashless ‘ economy has gradually come to reality. It is estimated that most of the developed countries in the world to apply the use […]

What is “Investy”? INVESTY – This is the first investment in decentralized platforms where you can get with the best traders in the world cryptocurrency. This area includes the reliability and safety. All transactions You will pass through a special system Investy. This will protect all users of the platform […]