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CONNECTIUS – economic Movement which carried out a human being now high enough done in the online world. In the environment around us knew him with terms of buy online or many who have used the term e-commerce. This is one thing that cannot be disclaimed warranties anymore, because when […]

LALA WORLD – Currently, there are still people who have not had access in banking. Because of this lack of access, more people are hard-pressed to make payments fast, money transfers or transactions in cyberspace. However, now don’t worry a project-based blockchain named Lala World provide products – products that […]

VinChain blockchain is a database that records all information relating to the vehicle. For each vehicle, the information accumulated during the entire period of use. This history is transparent and accessible to everyone. To protect the accuracy of the information, distributed storage technology used. This guarantees absolute reliability and data […]

FASTINVEST OF PASSION FOR THE VISION FASTINVEST Team Fast Invest are developing platform, combining the P2P investing, e-money purse, and currency exchange. After successfully overcoming the crowdfunding, we will start making additional products for both individuals and legal entities: the extension of the loan, as well as the opportunity to […]

SwissBorg Have you ever heard about B2B and Wealth Management? And do you know the meaning. For people who still lay about the types of investments certainly don’t know it, but for those who like to invest and are already learning about the ins and outs of investing, must already […]

Enjoy Life In an age of increasingly sophisticated, that where a variety of information can change quickly, so to access it the adoption process of development must be carried out quickly anyway and should be able to penetrate the borders of various parts of the world that can be accessed […]