BTC Reviews and News

CRYPTONETIX  is on its way to establishing itself as an investment platform analytics & blockchain dominant. It has features and methodologies not seen before in the world of Blockchain. This is the reason they are seen as the main aggressors in the global investment arena. Cryptonetix no startup is still […]

INDAHASH is the big marketing platform allows to all member earn money by participating in the campaign at their social media profiles. As summarized in this review, indaHash already launched since 2016 with a focus on the micro, and members in the first year of running a campaign in 497 […]

Cybertrust is a financial services company that provides traditional investment vehicle – Global Crypto Notes–named and can be audited. Institutional investors can use them to buy and sell currencies crypto, as well as create derivative products. Cybertrust provides sales, research and trading & asset management for institutional investors. CyberTrust platform […]

Peerguess is a free application ticker Cryptococcus designed to answer questions in the trade or trades. This application to know the price of the BTC 24 hours following him. We can guess the next price to make profit, learn about the tendency of the price and have access to more […]

Project Udiar founded in 2015 to create one universal list of the results of intellectual activity which is designed to facilitate copyright registration and security. Copyright registration body prototype was launched in 2016. This service is configured to register (or deposit) original works online for free. Udiar open innovation Open […]

What is GLOBITEX Globitex is the exchange of Bitcoin institutional class, with the FIX API connectivity fully functional, which offers direct market access to algorithmic traders. Launched in the summer of 2017 as prototype work, being tested in Beta mode is limited and is expected to start operating open earlier […]