PARQ by Parksen A Green, Smart and Connected World

PARQ – Using Parkhain Ethereum, IOTA Tangle, and Parq Utility Token, Parksen is present as a green, smart and connected platform Cyti, which is easily realized and available to the public APIK and works optimally in the existing parking lot. Parksen will offer intelligent solutions and contacts that directly benefit a wide range of stakeholders in metropolitan cities and small towns.

Who might think that car parking can be a thief of valuable assets that can belong to every person, for example. Most of the time, when we go somewhere, the most hectic-to find a parking space, of course, it is very laborious. In one study, the estimated average time of the parking space was 7-10 minutes. In some cases even up to 20 minutes. Suppose the driver takes his car five times a month and says that each parking lot takes 10 minutes. Then there will be 600 minutes each year, 10 hours wasted time looking for a parking space

In addition to reducing our time, parking is pollution and traffic. The main reference to this is the article Prof. Donald Schoop of UCLA (you can read here abstract articles). This is a large number in the industry because it is estimated that 30% of the traffic in the U.S. cities is related to cars looking for parking. 30% are now car parking places when cities and highways of other countries. Especially in Europe. And, of course, more pollution. When you go in search of affordable parking, the CO2 emissions of your car may be higher if you can move to another location and switch to what the next day. For example, in France, it is estimated that the number of parking lots for approximately 14% of greenhouse gases is increasing annually.

Of my above prices, we can say that parking is important because people are willing to spend a lot of time and make more pollution. For this reason, you can use a solution that allows you to save energy and increase your ability to save time and, of course, using this service only for parking. PARQ The Parksen service is a real-time parking app where a simple MVP already exists-and the city platform is green, smart and connected. Using the Ethereum flowchart, intelligent contracts, universal registers, and various IoT devices, Parksen will create a truly intelligent and sustainable urban development platform. Thanks to the collected data, Parksen will be able to reduce the level of congestion and the frequency of traffic, which continue to increase in large cities and small cities. Parq _ is a platform for urban areas, which has an open API and fully operates in a parking lot with parking. This platform is based on three important columns

How Parq Works

The Parksen parking app allows users to easily find and book parking spaces throughout the Netherlands. This application is fully run in the cloud and is associated with a garage using a different API, so users have a guarantee to get real-time information from parking spaces that may be close to them.
The platform also includes dashboards for municipalities, garages, and organizations. The dashboard displays the number of vehicles in its space, predicts follow-up actions, and provides the use of analytical data that can be used to increase their space.
Basic functions

Green, intelligent and connected city platform
The Parksen City platform is equipped with a universal dashboard that tracks congestion, pollution, use and parking conditions, the status of connected devices and IoT sensors. It also includes markets for green and smart equipment.
Cloud Solution
The purpose of Parksen is to connect cities and companies to consumers and garages. With one-size-fits-all, easy-to-take and cloud-based, we guarantee that these institutions should not rely on expensive third-party software updates Softcap.
Real-time parking app
The Parkens parking app is made for drivers and allows them to book and pay for parking ahead of time, restricting their emotional search and pressure. This app also shows them the path of the post to their destination and provides real-time information about local congestion.
Parq Turning Signs
Your own special Parksen token can be used in applications to pay for and receive payment for parking activities, as well as on the dashboard and the market to pay for and receive payments for hardware and software that will help Your city, company or garage to contribute to cities that are greener.

Parq cryptocurrency
The ICO project will work for more than a year. During the pre-sale price of one Parq token will be equal to 0.07 USD (30% discount). During public sales, the initial cost of cryptocurrency will be 0.08 dollars (20% discount), then the price would grow until it reaches a fixed price. The total Parq token stock is 10 billion tokens, of which 2.5 billion will be allocated for presales and public sales. Parq points can be purchased for Fiat, ETH or BTC. All purchased Parq will be transferred to the participant’s wallet one month after the opening of ICO.

PARQ Thus, the Parksen project was created to modernize the use of space from the big city. The driver receives information about the nearest parking lot next to it. Users earn extra income by renting a parking space and providing information about the available locations in the city. Companies can get additional benefits by renting out their parking spaces. The working platform continues to improve and allows users to save time in search of parking and money to pay fines for parking for the fact that they left their car in an unauthorized place.


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