PARQ – The Universal Solution for Smart Cities

PARQ – Hello dear subscribers, in today’s review I want to tell you about a new project called Parq, which conducts its ICO. From the outset, I want to draw your attention to the fact that the project has received good grades from various experts and has already overcome the mark Soft Cap.   
Parq is a revolutionary parking app that will take you to free parking places near your destination, built on the technology blockchain. Having done an excellent job on the territory of Holland, Parq has proved itself very strongly, after that their decision began to expand and to carry out ICO for the introduction of the technologies all over Europe.   
Blockchain technology.
With blockchain technology, the PARQ project will make life easier for many drivers, and you can reserve a parking space at any time using the app on your phone. When you pay you will create a smart contract, and you can safely go to your office, shop, café, bank and so on, without worrying about free parking. Also in your absence, your private parking will be free, and you can rent it for a certain time, which will allow you to earn. All payment processes will occur using the Parq token, the payment will occur automatically after the smart contract is created by your MVP application. IoT technology can automatically determine the status of the parking space, and will automatically update in the application in real time.   
Easy to use.
A large number of parking tickets is caused by a problem of payment, or you simply could not pay, or you have expired the time reserved by you. PARQ With Parq you no longer have such problems as I mentioned earlier, with the application all actions will happen automatically. Also, thanks to Parq will be able to create a per-minute payment for parking, for example, if you need to stop for 5 minutes, why you pay for an hour, your application independently determines when you stopped at the parking lot and when you left it, and will automatically pay the necessary amount.


Security and transparency.
With smart contracts, we can always get guaranteed security and transparency. Applications will be completely transparent to our users, municipalities and parking providers. Secure and fully verifiable payments through our multifunctional Parq utility token will be able to create the most practical network for parking in the world.   
PARQ I very much liked this project, and their product that they create, it is no secret that the problem with transport is growing every day, and even in small cities in the center of the city to find free parking is very difficult, not to mention the big cities, Where this process poses a big problem for most drivers. Personally, for me, it would be very convenient to leave the house and know that I reserved parking in a certain place chosen by me. In addition, the project began its work for a long time and showed in practice that their product is in demand in modern society. During their work, the project Parq created an excellent team and expanded the client base, which includes already 113 municipalities. The team shows itself at the highest level, and most of all I am impressed with their work with the roadmap, the team works strictly on it without any delays. Therefore dear readers I recommend you project Parq, it at least will be worth your attention, so do not be lazy and read necessarily their white paper, a link to it I will definitely provide.   
 Token Parq
 Preico price 1 Parq = 0.07 USD
 Price 1 Parq = 0.08 USD
 Ethereum Platform
 Adoption of ETH, BTC, Fiat
 Soft Cap 15 million Parq
 Hard Cap 19.5 million USD
 Country of the Netherlands
 Whitelist/KYC KYC
 Limited areas in Myanmar, North Korea, Afghanistan, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Syria, Zambia, Yemen

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