Payfair Let’s talk about the project And so friends, the market appeared very unusual and really necessary solution. Now, to buy cryptocurrency people use any exchangers, which in most cases are centralized, which is not a 100% guarantor of the security of your funds. Today we are dealing with an interesting decentralized service called Payfair, where the exchange is essentially in a very convenient form and with a very minimal commission.
Using centralized services, people with special danger want to change something or buy, because there were repeated cases of loss of their funds. In addition, these services usually simply too high a commission that the couple is not very profitable. Sometimes it happens that money does not come, and the solution of controversial issues goes even a day. In general, if you look inside, the cons are enough.
On the ground of all these problems and developed service Payfair, which is essentially very reliable and safe. The service as we have already said is decentralized and it is a confirmation that it is safe. Now people, to really estimate a dignity of cryptocurrency, as now the question of risks is excluded.
In this service, you can not only perform any operations with Payfair  cryptocurrency but also be able to acquire some other services within the service or on the contrary to offer their services. This applies not only to services but also applies to products.
Speaking the internal work of the ecosystem, there are only the seller and the buyer, as well as here included a trustee, a guarantor Knot, a small commission and a guarantor in the face of the service.
Payfair  The whole process of the transaction is very simple, you need to first register in the service. The service offers you in what format you want to interact. Either as a customer or a salesperson or as a guarantor of a site or a trusted node. Next, you choose any transaction and start contacting directly with the second person. Initially, there is a confirmation of the transaction itself, and then the action already is chosen, that is either purchase or exchange, and so on. Strictly in that order, otherwise neither. Next is the notification, and then the Commission.
Payfair  A trust node receives a passive income for a successful transaction in the system. It should be noted here that the knot receives a reward in the currency in which the transaction was made. This node is also responsible for the security of the entire Payfair service and is a deterrent against the sharp fluctuation of the PFR platform token. In order to become a trustee, it is necessary to have at least 10 thousand PFR tokens on the balance sheet. If the number of tokens exceeds this number, the node is guaranteed additional income in the following order-if 25 000 PFR on the balance, hence 2.5 x payout. The distinguishing feature of the trustee from other master nodes is that there is no obligation to be in the network around the clock and have a powerful iron.  It is also worth mentioning that 80% of the Commission received as a result of a successful transaction in 1% returns back to the trusted node, and the remaining
Looks very tempting.

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