Paygine – Finance is the Foundation of the economy in a country, and the financial system has a very important role that used to provide facilities and financial services. the current financial system growing much less already in good with blockchain technology that is very unusual. one of the platforms that provide low-tech blockchain financial system is paygine.
What is a paygine?
paygine is a financial technology platform blockchain which was deliberately designed and developed to meet the banking structures in General. In addition, the platform paygine is also designed so that it can serve the business and also the crypto fintech insufficient currency exchange, payment of goods and services under a white label solution and also for the delivery of money very quickly and safely.
Excellence Paygine
There are several advantages that support this platform, such as:
1. white label model
using this model, the paygine platform provides the tools to their subscriber where the paygine customers can make payment using their own brand name. any business and any registration may use the white label model are not just for a business customer only.
2. use of the Token
paygine provides a token where the token will be used as a means of payment in the paygine platform. This paygine token prices pegged to the price 1 PGC token = $1 USD after the project at launch.
3. A strong team
paygine has a team of highly professional in their field and are very experienced in the field of banking. with a team of experienced and professional paygine will develop a platform that adopts all the services that will be needed to finance in various difficulty levels that already exist or are to come.

Best2Pay is the Foundation of all processing used financial platform paygine. What are the benefits? complete the following:
1. Best2Pay is a network that was first developed in the UK in 2012 by banking experts like Russian Standard Bank, St. Petersburg Bank, American Express, Sberbank, Raiffesenbank and SEB
2. Best2Pay Platform is a system that is very possible for the implementation of projects in the complex.  Best2Pay will also consider presenting unique features of business processes, infrastructure, and target clients.
3. Best2Pay use of projects that are already engaged in E-Commerce and also the field of Fintech which each month serving more than 1.5 million customers and continues to rise each month
4. Best2Pay is a very large market for services the loan repayment and also transfers the peer2peer (P2P) are done online
Paygine Service
The service is extremely complete Paygine Platform to pamper their customers, the following services they already provide
1. Platform Aggregator peer2peer which integrate any customer to sell products and services directly without the use of intermediaries from third parties such as, avito, airbnb and uber
2. Services for the creation of E-Wallet and Crypto-Wallet
3. able to perform international money transfer service based on with cryptocurrency
4. service exchanges and trading platforms
5. service insurance company
6. service company fintech
7. internet store services
Why not invest right now?
Token Paygine
The Name Token: Paygine
symbol Token: PGC
The Platform Token: Ethereum ERC20
Total Token: 151,750,000 PGC
Hard Cap: $30 million USD
Soft Cap: $3 million USD
Price: 1, PGC ICO = 1 USD
Payment: ETH, BTC, FIAT

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