Payportal’s TOP 3 Companies Providing Financial Services to Customers Pan India

Payportal Greetings to all, I’m in love with cryptographic coins and follower of good projects. In this new publication, would like to present the project Payportal. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, ICO … but blockchain Payportal is the coolest, and for more details, let’s look at the following topics:

If you look at how society has evolved, tribal societies to a different social structure in the modern world, where people work in such a way and can do so in a global environment, anywhere in the world, due to the advent of technology. and Internet.

Payportal platform
The centralized platform Payportal connects Indian services providers, such as banks, mobile operators, digital TV operators and utility companies, through a portfolio. The Payportal card number is linked to a cell phone number of the owner of the wallet. It only takes a few seconds to set up a wallet and two-factor authentication processes ensure that our client is exactly the person who owns the license.

A retailer doesn’t need more thinking on separate devices, service providers and long waits for the collection service. There are several possibilities for a reload of the portfolio, there are transfers of payment cards, Internet banking, bank transfer to bank account Payportal. In addition, our company deals in cash collection services with the nearest distributor and allows you to deposit money in the bank account of the company in the largest banks.

Finalizing the transaction within a few seconds, facilitate the transaction history search, access the electronic news, participate in bonus programs, receive confirmation by SMS from a client and many other features make the Payportal’s portfolio popular. Now, the only retailer thinking is to increase the number of customers and provide quality service.

The platform is using the advantages of personal computers and smartphones. The Payportal platform is available on a secure web page ( that was designed for personal computers and mobile web. Smartphone users can benefit from IOS and Android apps available in the App Store and Google Play.

Token and Capitalization
One of the main goals of Payportal is to increase the sufficient capital to execute our plans. The strong cash position gives us a clear flight to acquire new customers, expand within the current area of Delhi and NCR and other geographic markets (Maharashtra, Rajasthan, etc.), get new licenses

business, develop new technologies, expand our development resources and continue adding significant innovations to our technology portfolio.

Our PPTL (PPTL) Token is a token UTILITY from ERC20 and aims to provide the development of the Payportal platform. The PPTL can also be seen as a token of faithfulness, allowing investors to show your affiliation and support for the project. Does not represent equity.

Token distribution
The total supply of PPTL tokens is 20 000 000
We accept ETH
1 token = 0.002 ETH

Stages of selling chips
The early investors are rewarded and only limited sheets are available to avoid a low average price. The tokens are assigned during the phases of the OIC will be sold as follows:

Private sale-starts on 16 April 2018
During this phase, 2 million PPTL sheets are available with 30% bonus + extra bonus. The extra bonus is negotiable and depends on the value of the investment. The initial period for the private sale lasts until May 06 2018 at Midnight CET. Public pre-sale dates will be announced at the end of

This period or immediately if all the tokens that have been sold.

Private sale transaction threshold = 100 ETH.
The dates of the OIC will be announced after the private sale.
The ICO lasts until July 2018 15 at Midnight CET and consists of three stages offering PPTL Tokenswith a bonus. 2 million tokens are available in the finals without any applicable bonus.

The tokens that were not allocated in the Pre ICO will be added to the pool of the ICO. Tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned.
PPTL tokens are not transferable by the end of the OIC.

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