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PAYTAILOR The world grew from one layer to the other with the virtual economy took center stage. The revelation has proved that the concept of ‘ cashless ‘ economy has gradually come to reality. It is estimated that most of the developed countries in the world to apply the use and application of the payment industry in an effort to actually define how the payments are made to employ modern information channels and technical communication and technology based payment mechanisms. The online market is undergoing serious renovation sequel challenges make payments across online tools without losing some of the Fund’s unrelenting brokerage that makes the whole process really stressed and not further support the expectations and demands of the century. In some circles, ‘ card ‘ payment with this very rare while other exploitatively over charged, making the user feel cheated and merchants complain for losing to conduct transactions online using financial establishments conventional institutionalized. As heavy users ‘ payment cards ‘ world, I also have shared the challenges of the industry but are constantly looking for better ways to conduct transactions, interexchange interconnected and better.

Paytailor is a platform of decentralization and community-driven work of the mind-numbingly to change payment method that allows merchants and customers paying with cards or other virtual assets without high costs and problems technical. The platform will do this by creating a platform that is secure, efficient and community for customers and merchants to meet, discuss, do business and book schedule. The idea is to rely on the concept of smart shops where participants can connect without certain obstacles experienced until now by a centralized companies. At first glance, the platform will emerge as a mobile application mock dual. This is driven by the market demand for a binary system was also set up to improve the buying and selling among and between the Merchant and the customer. The core of the solutions is the connection with the Paytailor system, which means that the merchant side, different products can be used to commence payment. On the different payment solutions merchants can be used, such as the payment of invending machines, point of sale system or e-commerce solution. The following illustration provides a guide on how the platform will work side traders.

At the customer site, the pictures give instructions how it works in the platform.

To get the full details about the functionality of the platform, The platform has been making payment very easily as customers and traders do not need to create separate bank accounts who likes to work with existing bank details without direct access to user data, such as a special entry permit and the rights provided for banking institutions. This is repeated a total of integration schemes where the decentralized platforms such as this can be cross-fertilize business without limitation, whatever. To describe more about the platform, the sketch below will do justice to the concept.

Paytailor create revenue with software licenses on a monthly basis. That means the cost of subscribing to €10 and €0.02 license fees per each transaction. To help developers to reach the project outlined another proposal and related platforms, ICO is out to offer to allow for other market participants took an active part. The use of this platform in the transaction token is PT Token. Paytailor transfer of 10% of the profits of the Ethereum wallet Paytailor (ETH) that contains the contract smart. Considering the ETH price 300 USD, the target platform is 1 100 000 USD (about 335 ETH). In both countries and in an effort to expand into the United Kingdom, the target is 300,000 USD (around 1 000 ETH). Phase 3 will see the payment add in cryptocurrencies with a target of $1 200 000 (approximately 4 000 ETH) including adding some evidence ERC20 and go to the EU market. On scale out, the target is set to USD 3 000 000 (approximately 10 000 ETH) plus a further expansion of the European Union. The last stage of the target is USD 6 000 000 (around 20 000 ETH) plus integrate Raiden network. The diagram below shows how the Token will be distributed at the end of ICO for participants as gifts to share, support and invest into the concept of the market.

ICO will follow right after the event pre-ICO. Pre-ICO is LIVE now! It started since 11:00 am 04.11.17 (UTC) and will run until 11:00 pm (UTC) 30.11.2017. During the presale you can buy tokens 31, 21% cheaper. After a period of presale, on 20 November, the Token is available with a regular price.

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