Peerguess, Ticker Cryptocurrency and Data analysis

Peerguess is a free application ticker Cryptococcus designed to answer questions in the trade or trades. This application to know the price of the BTC 24 hours following him. We can guess the next price to make profit, learn about the tendency of the price and have access to more sophisticated data to increase your profits. Although none of these applications provide accurate information about what must be invested, while it is only possible to track the status of the market or the value of our portfolio.

Designed so that it is very easy to use in a short time, all species and applications portfolio ticker will be replaced by some features of  is very easy to use, because it not only provides a common feature shared by all followers kriptocurrency, but also a game to be played although we currently do not have cryptocurrency.
Therefore, the Peerguess Team has created the “Gems”, which we can change into the Token type GUIC ERC20 over Ethereal platform. We’ll start with Gems given (and we will receive more investment as a bonus) and we will purchase from within the application or convert your purchase token GUESS to Gems.

With the Peerguess application system has been terdesentralisir, we can set up a large number of Gem that we want to use just by clicking the button located at the top or bottom of the application Peerguess. More details, such as if the price of 1 $261 number of Ethereal at this time, then we can try to guess whether the price will be lower or higher than $261 after 24 hours in the future. So Peerguess can train us with gems as well as comparing our predictions in the crypto data in the real world.
We also know that just about everyone in the Community (a merchant, miners, small investors and buyers), spends time, experience, and endless luck to find the instructions and directions of investment of resources such as blogs, Twitter, community trolls box sagging, and
= Road Map/Road Map =
To see and understand the road map, the concept, the vision and mission of this Peerguess project, you can see the picture below:

= Great Team =
Peerguess team have years of experience in the mobile gaming industry and the internet. Its founder is currently employed by one of the
mobile game developer company’s most successful and also has in-depth knowledge of large data.
Team Peerguess has chosen to move forward with the CDN Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India to application development to secure a more stable development and to ensure that we do not lose knowledge if lost developers.
They also have extensive experience and knowledge about Bitcoin and altcoins. As veteran miners and traders without hope, Peerguess Team aims to meet the needs of deep cryptocurrency community by creating a simple and attractive products with a unique future.

= Peerguess Token = Sales
Token GUESS will offer 120 million for ICO takes place. The funds accumulated during the ICO for financing the development and maintenance of the infrastructure.
GUESS token value: 1,250 GUESS = 1 ETH
The period of the sales value of the ICO and Guess token:
ICO week i: GUESS 2,500/1 100% bonus the ETH
ICO week II: 2000 GUESS/1 60% bonus ETH
ICO week III: 1,500 GUESS/1 ETH bonus 20%
ICO week IV: 1,250 GUESS/1 ETH
Minimum sales target after ICO: $0.20 per token GUESS

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