PERSONA Single Identity Management Stress-Free

PERSONA is a blockchain-based identity management solution that allows individuals to easily update the data that they share with a variety of third parties as well as relieve efforts of corporate clients in order to keep their data up to date. ARCH blockchain Persona and technological cutting-edge technology to offer more secure identity solutions and complete. This product complies with the requirements of GDPR and provides the means for securing stored, distributed, and manipulate data.

The persona was designed as a decentralized application with no single point of failure, storing encrypted records, all individuals have control over the details of the details they want to share, with whom they share it and for how long. With the release of Bitcoin at the end of 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offers glimpses of the underlying technology, decentralized network of blockchain.

Persona is a service to manage all your identity with the latest data protection which can also provide the individuals in order to gain control over their own data. By using persona, individuals require only a short time to update data and so service providers can also access customer data with the latest version.

Platform Persona is the solution to the problem of the management of personal data will accord with the latest data protection regulations. Provide access to you to manage the data personally, lets you manage privacy on data that you have. With this Platform, other service providers can save you the time to update your personal data, they can access your latest data quickly, thus saving time in terms of the management of data from customers, of course you can also set a Platform which can access data in the Persona of the Platform. You also will not be disturbed by filling out the information on the services you use, because it’s such a login for all websites you use.

Users can use the Platform Persona to share their data with their colleagues, but the user must first verify their personal data to the notary or the peer selected by the Platform after a user Persona, ready to use the data. You can access your personal data via the website or smart phone using a PIN, fingerprint verification Authentication or 2FA. You do not need to be concerned about your personal data being used by Parties not authorized, because you can control who can access your data if you do not receive your data to be used by another service, you can revoke access rights they are, they are not able to update your data on their Platform

Your data will be managed properly and safely, with a system of DPC (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) and cryptographic technology. The data you store in these platforms is also not stored in centralized servers, Application/Platform solutions offer Customer Personas-as-a-Service is the first in the market. Each of your Data will be encrypted in our Platform, not worrying about the other party will download it, because it will take a long time for them to decrypt the data, and only you can unlock the encryption. When documents are shared between members to the notary, the file will be decrypted and distributed directly by the owner with his partner. All the mechanisms of this Platform will run with a decentralized system and has nothing to do with a third party, thereby creating a more cost effective and safe.

We prefer using Blockchain technology because the technology is more secure than a regular technology at this time. Unlike conventional technology, Blockchain technology does not require a third party, so it is more secure and cost-effective. And Blockchain Technology is less a factor of error or system error, moreover, recorded data then the data stored forever and cannot be modified. Our platform will make the storage and management of your data better and safer.

The main goal of Persona is:
To make use of the identity management services for individuals based on blockchain technology can offer.

To protect one’s personal details. Although it is clear that the individual will need to provide details to various entities, but they have no control over it afterwards. Restoring persona into the driver’s seat.

Empower everyone and give them power over what recently Ryan and with whom his identity and personal details.
Give the power over what and to whom the identity and details of their pribagi.
Allow third party entrusted personal information that enrich their services by offering confidence as its services.
To prevent fake news, by giving decentralized identity management system, Persona would provide the level of trust we all need as we rely on news based on the profile of the public Persona of the content creators Regardless, we can keep track of news to source.
To streamline the onboarding process because someone may already be checked by some entity that is registered in the system

Persona is very safe to use because remember the fact there are two components that are layered. When registering, the physical presence of the individual become a prerequisite to share their data to the company. And security self persona is divided into three segments, namely
1. Blockchain and IPFS. Using web applications and mobile applications
2. PIN-based Login. Can use fingerprint scanning
3.2FA Authentication. So the data is stored, it will directly secure with cryptographic algorithms from blockchain.

Replace the middleman: no longer need to favour a mandate, and trusted by both parties involved in the transaction.
Decentralization: there is no single point of failure, while attacking the network is virtually impossible.
Immortality: the notes are written in blockchain there forever, cannot be changed.

With this opportunity, we invite you to extend these platforms, to reach out to the wider community. We will be releasing the Token with the name “PRS tokens”, here is the data. The number of tokens will be 100 million flagship PRS. The price for one token is PRS $0.2 Total allocation of PRS 100 million is for:
70 million allocated to the PRS TGE. 15 million allocated to the PRS team consisting of the founders. tokens that are assigned to the team will be held for a period of three years, broken down into annual payments as follows:
10% in genesis;
30% after 12 months
30% after 24 months
30% after 36 months
PRS 12 million allocated to Fund Startup Persona
1 million allocated to the PRS advisors. The token that is allocated to the advisors should be employed within 6 months
2 million is allocated to the PRS Prize
There are 70 million allocated to the PRS TGE, divided into one General Sales and General Sales three stages.

The details of the allocation of the token persona
-As many as 70 million will be allocated to TGE PRS.
-A total of 15 million will be allocated to the PRS team and co-founder.
12.00.000-PRS will be allocated for the startup.
-PRS 1 million will be allocated to the counselors.
PRS-2 million will be allocated for the bounty.

Private sale: 15.12.2017 – 15.01.2018
General Sales: 23.01.2018 – 30.01.2018
General sales II: 01.02.2018 – 08.02.2017
General sales III: 09.02.2017 – 16.02.2018
The distribution of Tokens: 30.03.2018


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