Perucoin  aims to give Peru the same benefits that other countries get from cryptocurrencies. While many countries openly embrace the wealth, security and freedom that comes from cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, that is not the case everywhere. In Peru, cryptocurrencies are not yet tradable and cryptocurrency markets are suffering from reputational problems.

All of that will change with the introduction of PeruCoin. PeruCoin is a project initiated by Bits2u whose goals are fair and simple:
Brings knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the people of Peru
Encourage the public to invest in cryptocurrencies
Create a state-of-the-art mining farm in Peru
Use the farm for guided visits to educate people about the technology

Short term:
Purchase a factory with the required capacity for 200 cryptocurrency mining machines.
Rent an electrical service strong enough to support the required performance of the aforementioned machines.
Buy clean unbreakable crystals so you appreciate the machines.
Purchase of an air conditioner that keeps the machines inside the glasses at the required temperature to ensure efficient operation.

Long term:
Make guided visits to the public
Educate and lecture on cryptocurrencies
Create and deliver brochures about cryptocurrencies and mining
Increase interest and knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru
Hold conferences outside Peru

PeruCoin leverages the secure, fast, efficient and intelligent Ethereum network. Using the Ethereum network also means PeruCoin is an ERC-20 token designed to follow all of ERC-20 ‘s privacy and security principles.

PeruCoin will be made publicly available in the first phase of its Initial Coin Offering. Whatever amount is collected will be used to purchase the mine farm, research and development infrastructure, mining machinery, capital reserves, office equipment, and other pre-launch crypto activities.

In the second phase, PeruCoin will be released to the general population for anyone willing to hold, sell or buy the Cryptocurrency. The trading process will take place on the leading exchanges.
PeruCoin will address many traditional issues quickly
This revolutionary technology is already changing the way we interact and carry out transactions. The whole definition of money as a traditional exchange system is being redefined. That’s why PeruCoin will shine. Considering the limited knowledge and distrust of cryptocurrencies in Peru, the project is focused on providing the necessary crypto exposure and trained instructors to properly train people interested in the area.

Cryptocurrencies are already a very important part of the global financial ecosystem and will further facilitate their position in the global economy in 2018. Perucoin  Given the recent development of technology, it is of great importance to teach Peruvians and to show why they need to implement this futuristic concept.

In Latin America, 60% of the 600 million inhabitants do not have access to bank accounts. This becomes a major problem when trying to transfer funds. However, to trade cryptocurrencies, people only need a mobile phone and 70% of residents have access to one. This makes it completely superfluous to rely on third parties like a bank and provides a quick and unique solution to a problem that has existed for years.

When it comes to international transactions, many companies are already realizing the incredible value of using cryptocurrencies. An international business transaction must be quick and efficient, but that is almost never the case because there are countless unexplained charges when crossing borders, delays, and problems with the total amount received. Cryptocurrencies solve these problems thanks to the speed and ease of the peer-to-peer blockchain system.
PeruCoin as a long-term investment

Perucoin  is committed to stability. The project is aware of the trending themes of pump-and-dump ICOs emerging left and right. To solve this problem, the reserve fund is divided into two main functions to keep PeruCoin stable. The solutions and approaches of the project are largely adopted in the global crypto world.

The PERU token is designed to grow in value. The token owners are given an incentive through the model to keep their tokens as long-term growth assets. This group of people may not trade PeruCoin for 48 hours after a sale or buyback from the reserve fund. PeruCoin’s futuristic concepts are the path to progress This leads to greatly reduced distrust and fear of cryptocurrencies in general.

PeruCoin opens the door of opportunities for companies and organizations and provides a secure platform for individuals to develop innovative ideas. By eliminating thousands of unnecessary questions, the platform will promote cryptocurrencies for new entrants and new entrants to the industry.

The extreme transparency and openness to external integration through the tour guide system is unique and innovative. It will provide a perfect user experience during the day and a single application for business or even personal interaction will be appreciated by many Peruvians around the world.

Because artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are the building blocks of the future, PeruCoins aims to achieve its share early. With proven, rapidly evolving technology and AI partners, PeruCoin has the potential to become an industry leader and definitely be a leader in Peru. This will lead to a major blow to fear and distrust of cryptocurrencies and increase the general knowledge of the population about the issue.

The innovative development of the project, combined with strategic partnerships, will greatly benefit the development of the company. This will be of great value not only to Peruvians and their economies but to the whole world.

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