PHIToken The Future Of Wealth Management Is Digital Human And Crypto

PHITOKEN  is a decentralized system that involves blockchain and consists of a few smart contracts around a chain block and crypto currency itself, and the platform is a product of the system that is created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and logistics companies and organizations that experienced around the world. And contract blockchain and smart serves as the way forward into the use of Industrial scale, creating a potentially supply economical and combine. Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, safer and more economical for many participants in the ecosystem of peer-to-peer (P2P) directly. Second, the wallet will be the center of any PHI interaction in the ecosystem of PHI, and also the storage and exchange of secure crypto for currency and fiat currencies, allows users to store, save, send, and swapping the crypto backed and fiat. Traders can freely choose and switch between different blockchain assets for payment. Users can perform the conversion from BTC, ETH, PHI and vice versa, making use of data transfer and Exchange peer-to-peer, and pay the merchant service.

The challenge:
The high cost of operating the model mainly because of obsolete and labor-intensive;
Limited access to some investment opportunities, which lead to bad results for the client,
Captive product sales without a real rivalry between the asset manager.
The lack of attention to the client’s needs, and the lack of competition and transperency
Expensive products with exit tunels for clients

The Business Sector’s Current Problems
The high level of investment services.
The more you want to sell products that are interesting.
Products with high price out towards the tunnel closed to shoppers.
The lack of interest in the needs of the buyer.
The rivalry and lack of transparency.

Platform Consultant Robo wants to solve this problem. The platform will do the following to resolve this problem:
Users will be given the personal investment advisor.
Network managers will be established for the management consultant.
Active management of the funds will be available to users.
He will conduct analysis and research.
We will increase the competition between managers.
and 4 items (especially for those who adopt a quantitative management models such as DIAMOND) is a very good option to reduce costs for customers. 1. the product of 3 and 5 are also important assets for customers.

The strategy of Block Chain Technology for PHI
Financial transparency: transparency is one of the key areas of the financial sector, especially for new brands. The steps of the process, pricing and methodology should be accessible and transparent in order to gain the trust of prospective customers. To provide the environment and believe this transparency, ICO will use the technology Block-chaining.

How To Use PHI Block-Chain
The most important way to achieve success in the asset management system is to gain the trust of customers. PHI will create Block-Chain Documents Management System so that this confidence environment more comfortable. ICO can keep track of who’s doing what is on this page without changing the document.
The three main principles of the system:
Not changed: Once a document is added to the repository, it will never be changed again.
Verification: anyone who has access to documents can be questioned for their verification.
Time Stamp: the assurance on the level of security that is right about the date the document was added to the store.

How is the distribution of Tokens?
61.8% will be sold out.
3.4% airdrop will be opened after 6 months.
11.1% allocated to management and employees.
23.4% will be used for project development.

Frequently asked questions:
Where can I buy PHItoken?
You can purchase PHItoken at only decentralized Exchange using Wireshark only.

Why is PHItoken not listed on Coinmarketcap?
PHItoken is a startup cryptocurrency. So our daily sales volume in meet the requirements of, it will be listed on their site. PHItokenis be a sign verified at and listed in,,,, and Coinomi.

We recommend that you watch the video on YouTube to learn how to use this great Exchange because there are many differences between it and a centralized Exchange

When PHItoken listed in Poloniex, Bittrex or Kracken?
Other exchanges will consider the list of PHItokenwhen and if the volume of sales at the show what they consider to be a significant demand. Some exchanges have a voting process where you can request a PHItokenbe registered, and if enough people choose it, it will be added. is a significant exchange used by,, and Coinomi. We recommend that you watch the video on YouTube to learn how to use this great Exchange because there are many differences between it and a centralized Exchange


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