Photochain-The Revolution From Stock Photography

PHOTOCHAINThis platform allows for artists to sell their work directly to the customer and the requirements they specify themselves. This decentralized platform and use smart contracts based on ethereal blockchain. with the use of smart contracts will ensure the security of transactions in the platform. Photochain does not require a centralized authority to ensure the correctness of the transaction. This tealh platform designed from the ground level to solve the problem of the traditional stock photographic platform.

Team Photochain has no responsibility or liability for the illegal behavior of the seller. This means that the artist responsible for the legality of the work that he’s selling, and are fully responsible for illegal activities. Photochain however, will uphold the copyright protection of users, by preventing unauthorized photography sales.

The following is an ecosystem of platform Photochain:
1. Payment processing
2. anonymous Transactions
3. Cost of DApp
4. Backup DApp

Photochain gives a clear advantage compared to conventional photo stock for contributors and subscribers. Contributors in this platform will benefit from the cost of the sale price that is as much as 5%. Opportunity to retain 95% of the final sale price allows contributors to offer their work cheaper, and as a result the market is becoming more affordable for customers. This type of reasonable market not only benefits the user, but should also benefit the photography industry as a whole, because of the possibility of increased income contributed to its contribution to perform better.
Photochain primary goal for this project is under the three branches are important:
1. P2P Marketplace
This will allow the platform to provide an opportunity for artists to offer their work to the many potential buyers due to the synergy of blockchain technology and machine learning.
2. Economics of Crypto
Photochainplatform appeals to a broad audience that currently has still not adopted the technology blockchain and cryptocurrency. Use case “Photochain ” can attract an audience. GUI and trading process are easy to use and supports the on boarding process facilitates Economic Crypto becoming mainstream.
3. Digital Copyright Photochain
The existence of this component will make artists strengthen copyright, because his work later would be associated with his name.
This platform would be oriented to the market share of the following:
1. the stock photography Market
2. Business models stock photography
3. the License Model
4. Customer Group stock photography

Photochain was designed with some of the requirements, that include:
1. a decentralized government agency
2. The existence of security for transactions between buyers and sellers
3. a decentralized Storage
4. The content of this network is intended to trade stock photography
5. The existence of the terms of the license

The architecture of the Photochain consists of Dapp, blockchain technology and smart contracts, and also algorithms of machine learning. Photochain DApp written in Javascript to ensure the independence of the platform. First, by developing a web browser-based client. For interaction with Ethereal, block will use the API Infura that have been tested and tested during the first phase of the project. As the project continues, the Photochain plan to provide a Node with Ethereal fire.

There is also the gate of the Ethereum responsible for actual interaction with Ethereal network. The gate is used to transfer the data to the smart Photochain contract by using the Infura API in the first stage. Ethereum is a p2p network that provides a platform for implementing Smart Contracts and based on its own public blockchain. Ethereum using cryptocurrency Ethers as means of payment for the computing power that participants gave to distributed systems.

A “autonomous decentralized organization ” (DAO) is an organization set up by the initial set of rules and codified into the contract. The greatest strength of the organization is rooted in its community decision-making capacity due to the developments and changes in future undergo a democratic voting process.

Some quality Photochain DAO is most interesting is the possibility of scaling, the lack of a single unit or person to critique and instinctive commitment against the rules of the game thanks to Smart Contracts.

This token is the main advice is used within the Photochain platforms. The following is a function of the Photon token:
1. As a tool for accessing services in the platform
2. reward System for photographers and services.

The token is a token based crypto Photon ERC 20. The following information regarding Photon token:
• Name: Token PHOTON (PHT)
• Standard: Ethereal ERC20
• Hard Cap: 230 million token PHT to be issued
• Release date: Event Token Generation will take place right after the main sales event. It takes up to 60 days to distribute the token PHOTON to contributors
• The value of representation: tokenisasi photography services

This platform will implement crowdfunding in two stages, i.e. pre-sale and sale. For pre-sale the following breakdown:
The Name Token PHOTON (PHT)
Price per Token (ETH) 0.00017 ETH
Pre-Sale Cap (PHT Token) 10 million
Main Sale Cap (PHT Token) 170 million
Hard Cap (PHT Token) 230 million

Pre-sale was held from January 7, 2018 and has now ended. Tokens that are available are a number of 10 million PHT. The minimum transaction is 0.1 ETH.

For the main sale will begin on March 25, 2018 until May 25, 2018. The number of tokens that are available is 230 million tokens. Exchange rates 1 PHT = 0.00017 ETH and minimum transaction is 0.1 ETH. There is a discount given to this event, the following breakdown:
Day 1 to 2: -30% discount = > 1 PHT = ETH 0.000119
Day 3 to 15: -20% discount = > 1 PHT = ETH 0.000136
Day 16 to 30: -10% discount = > 1 PHT = ETH 0.000153
Day 31 to 45:-5% discount = > 1 PHT = ETH 0.000162

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