PlayGame Hello dear readers, today we touch on the topic of computer games and unique project PlayGame. Let’s find out what we offer developers of this service. Let’s start with computer games. For several decades they excite the brain not only people aged 10-20 years, but also the older generation. And that’s OK because the games allow for time to distract from everyday life and unwind.

What is PlayGame?
This platform allows free play games, anyone, to share their results, as well as to participate in tournaments. Also provides a list of unique bonuses and rewards for the winners. The advantage is the fact that the download third-party applications to use the PlayGame is not necessary. Blokchejn technology is used to ensure that global win fairly distributed among users.
Plus, the blockchain makes it possible to use cross-border remission. With the introduction and removal of digital money will become much easier. You can also receive awards in the form of tokens.
The success of a platform backed by relationships with large corporations, as well as game developers. The total amount of crypto currently exceeds $300 billion. All developers working with PlayGame can connect to this market.
In general terms, the framework is pretty simple blocks for game development. Firstly, the game will instantly be disseminated among gamers. Secondly, lightweight way to raise funds for your game project.
The aim of the developers was to create a platform that greatly simplifies the marketing and distribution of games.

What problem does it solve project?
Platform solves many problems, among which:
1. Third-party applications. Download a special program to play is quite a dangerous undertaking. Of course, there’s the launcher from popular games, cannot do without, but sometimes the scammers steal personal data by creating this kind of third-party applications. PlayGame does not require downloading additional software.
2. Facilitation of transactions, as well as the establishment of a unified system, where each user can make tokens, sell them and receive bonuses for winning tournaments.

How does the platform PlayGame?
Registered users can see the essence of the platform direct playback. The fact of the matter is that gamers can play all games HTML5 from your desktop or mobile phone browser. PlayGame  Plus, you do not need to upload your own project on the site, simply sign up and discover a new world of computer games.
Users who are looking for truly worthwhile projects could look in the special list of developers. There they will see promising people that collect funds to develop their own games. If the project accounts for investors to their liking, they financially assist in its development.

Token and the program ICO
This token type is supported throughout the world, so purchase it is easy. Supported currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and less popular Tokenomy.

Token: PXG.
Total: 1 000 000 000.
Preprodazhi period: 10.09.2018 year.
The number of tokens for the period: 200 000 000 PXG.
Price: 18 000 PXG token 1.
Sale period: 24.09.2018.
The number of tokens for sale: 400 000 000 PXG.
The cost of a token 1:15 000 PXG

Distribution of tokens:
60%-sale of tokens.
20%-the project team.
10% contingency fund.

PlayGame  In my opinion, the ground affects the popular theme-computer games. And the more pluses, it gives users the service will gain popularity in the near future. Taking into account bonuses and rewards for winning tournaments in advance of user participation. Comfortable buying and selling tokens allow you to avoid wasting time on unnecessary transactions and expectations. Plus, the project received the support of large corporations and developers.

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