Podone-Decentralized market for hiring specialized agents

PodoneI tell them that Podone is currently doing his ICO, I will generate an analysis above the project because as recommended by Jhon McAfee wanted to give a review to his whitepaper, the project is difficult to understand because it is very technical and sometimes can be difficult To read, the idea is phenomenal if they really come to find a target audience can become a projection, but you know that everything recommended by Mr. John has a great potential to appreciate and more Podone tokens as they serve as gas within His ecosystem, Mr. John is one of the largest Bitcoin miners in the world and that is why it has so much relevance in the Criptomonedas market, has spoken several times of this project so I found it interesting to do a brief analysis , although I do this only for informative reasons and not as investment advice, if you want to invest carefully read the whitepaper and contact the project team so that they can give you more information.

There are still 23 days to invest in the ICO of Podone if their tokens are not finished before, I commented that only investments can be made directly from wallets that allow smart contracts Ethereum, not send the money from Exchange! It is only possible to make investments with Ethereum from MyEtherWallet or from any other wallet that allows intelligent contracts Ethereum, if you really do not know if you can write a comment and I will gladly help. The minimum required to participate in this ICO is 0.1 Ethereums and where due to the congestion in these last days of the network Ethereum the team of Podone recommends directly from its official website to use a Gas Limit of 200,000 with a GWEI of at least 51 , if you do not know what I speak can leave me a comment and clarified without a problem.

Podone is a call center service platform, dedicated to the education and training of young talents who call agents who can be hired by your company anytime you need a specialist. This decentralized market has as its main objective to save the operating costs that companies have to hire a new member just for doing a few tasks. We know that traditional companies when hiring people do it most of the time for a job of several months, maybe years, but there are occasions like certain seasons of the year where you need some extra requirements where your Employees are at 100% and no one can order an additional job, for that exists Podone.

Podone is a platform that can help the businessman to save time and money and in turn can serve as a joker when you have a number of activities, hiring an additional person in some countries for a short time can be something very complicated , especially countries where minimum staff are hire for 3 to 6 months, which is inefficient for the employer.

In general the idea is incredible, it is necessary to give time to Podone to enter the market and see how you can go making alliances with companies, increasing their market power. Being Podone a support Center for several companies and as it grows probably your token will also because your token serves as a kind of GAS inside the platform, which is why I consider an interesting ICO. I will leave below the links of my research, any doubt or question do not hesitate to consult me.

The team behind PodOne has a combined 50 years of experience in the contact center industry and are the leaders behind Fenero, a disruptive
and award-winning cloud based contact center platform used by over 2,200 call and customer service organizations worldwide.

Website: https://podone.io
White Paper:https://podone.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/PodOneWhitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PodOneNetwork

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