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POTENTIAMAs outlined in their Whitepaper, Potentiam Foundation is a strong Core module, which became the basis of all things. Potentiam core built from the ground up as a personal social networking that allows individuals in the music industry are looking for each other, and to advertise their expertise to collaborate. So the team assembled, they then can use internal digital production studio to create the music itself. Digital production studio section of module Core Potentiam is working full-featured audio circuits are integrated directly into the network of blockchain.

From there, they can work together in all aspects of their creation, and finally bringing it directly to the catalog management system Potentiam Core. Database-based blockchain has a variety of features that will help artists distribute license usage to the end consumer. This also allows the group to separate formal agreement with copyright in the system. From there, the composition is available for the network in General for use in the manufacture of their music. So other users take sample of original compositions and complete their own music, the original producer is asked to give approval and licensing requirements. Until the final deal is decided, the work of its derivatives are not published to the artist’s catalog.
Now after the artist has complete master recording in their catalogue, they have a myriad of options available to them for distribution. Outside the Core Potentiam, there are many modules that are designed to distribute, promote, and fund the work of an artist. Potentiam itself costs only 10-15% of the revenue generated through their platform. This is very different from the traditional record labels, who often can produce up to 80% of the revenue of the artist. This is good news for artists and enthusiasts who are looking for their work-lower overhead means lower prices, but higher revenue share means net profit for producers compared with conventional models.

Digital Distribution Module
Digital distribution module is a gateway to the internet music market is established. Users will be able to access digital service providers, such as iTunes and Spotify, the module via the web site. By using this system, Potentiam will make the integration seamless and simple DSP, while also managing digital rights and royalties in one location.
Revenue generated from the digital service provider then directed back through the system and distributed through contract Potentiam savvy with the original artist. This allows artists to work, create and distribute completely through the system Potentiam, but still have access to the user base of the established music industry.

Physical Distribution Module
While physical media has experienced trending down lately, there is still much demand for ownership of real-world music. To help facilitate this market, Potentiam will give producers access to a catalog of music through their own specific web portals.
The manufacturer will be able to license music to produce their own physical media, items such as vinyl or CD. The license will be valid for a certain amount of production, and income resulting from this process will be distributed back to the artist through intelligent network contract Potentiam.
Potential clients will be provided with a list of content, such as songs curated trends or popular songs on the network. They also can search the whole database catalog through various functions including artist and genre.

Public Performance Licensing Module
The last license module includes the use of a public broadcast of the artists ‘ works. A public performance license module provides access to catalogs Potentiam overall with fixed costs. The music can then be used from within the catalog for public performances that include radio and music events.
Potentiam will seek active partnerships with community groups, traditional performance rights which oversees public performances and ensure that proper royalties are paid based on the use of the catalogue. The society collects revenue and distribute it to the original artist.

Booking Agent Module
One of the two modules are not designed or distributed directly, booking agent module is a web portal that was created to bring together artists with talent who needed a place to stay. This place can access additional web portal to explore artists who have provided themselves for public performances. Alternately, place itself could advertise the date and time they need live music.
Booking agent module will have a powerful set of features to allow the internal agreement concerning the incidental charges such as transportation and housing during the event. All payment transactions are handled directly through Potentiam, so artists can continue to use a single location for all of their payment needs.

Artist Potentiam Crowdfunder
The last Potentiam module creates space to help artists achieve their goals. Potential artists can create campaigns in module crowdfunding artist to help offset the initial costs for bringing their music to the market. This could be anything ranging from the initial capital to the recording equipment to the idea of high concept and high-blown that require significant funds.
Module connects artists artist crowdfunding from Core Potentiam into content creation system written Potentiam Classic. Core module provide a mechanism to receive the token Potentiam, whereas Classic system connects fans with artists and allow them to contribute in the token.

Potentiam Classic
In addition to content distribution and creation ability Potentiam Core, there will also be the platform crowd-source contribution called Potentiam Classic. This platform will serve as the marketing and public relations branch of the Core platform-oriented music. In Classic Potentiam, artists and fans alike could gather to discuss trends in music and artists that will come with the blogging service and the full article.

Same as Steemit has done sites for space blockchain overall, Potentiam Classic will provide an outlet for the written word with respect to the music scene. Users are rewarded for good content, create incentives for them to produce a post that helps artists and Potentiam Potentiam platform as a whole. Artists can in turn use the Classic platform to help drive users to the campaign and catalog their music crowdfunding.

Potentiam and Clout
The source is blood from a content creation system Potentiam is token PTM. Created by using standard ERC-20 set by Project Etereum, token PTM is the currency of the contract that is capable of making money that is used for all transactions in the form of platform Potentiam. All transactions and costs within the system are placed in Outdoor Potentiam centralized for distribution in a period of 30 days. Every 30 days, outdoor full Potentiam is divided into three parts; Award content creation, dividend and fund the development of vault node.

A secondary token, the Clout, used only in Classic Potentiam ecosystems to determine the quality and range of content users. Clout dikurasi by users, with each receiving 100 when joined to the use of promotional content. Given the Clout in this way becomes Article Power, metric is used to determine trends and popular articles, which is valid for 30 days. At the end of such 30 day period, the amount refunded to original curator for further use.

The Potentiam Vault
There are several ways that preclude Cryptococcus can choose to generate dividends for their investors. Potentiam considered proof token peg, which means that investors and holders of rewarded based on the number of Potential they hold. However, this depends on a rather unique Vault system owned Potentiam.

While the users always have the option to keep their purse PTM token of their platforms, or on the exterior of wallet ERC-20 compatible, none of these options are calculated against the evidence of the advantage of their stock. Instead, the user can choose to put a number of PTM into the Vault Potentiam them, where they will last for a certain period as determined previously by the system. Token in the vault are eligible to get the prize vault, gathered from transaction fees for that month. There are at least 10,000 PTM to create one single dome node, but with the amount of less than that amount will have the option to join with others to create a communal Vault node. They will then receive a gift that is directly proportional to the amount they gave against the dome of the node.

PTM token details:
Token/Token-used to buy goods, services and advertising space on Potentiam
The Symbols Of The PTM
The maximum supply-100 million
Prices MTF-1 PTM = USD 0.41
The distribution of coin-4 weeks after Crowdsale closed.

Website: https://www.potentiam.io
WhitePaper: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/73bd45_581334cbc5bc4d1a9cce6ee2133a7049.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2209815.0
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/potentiam_io
Telegram: https://t.me/potentiamgroup

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