Pozess – Global Photo Curation Social Marketplace on App and Web, Powered by Blockchain

Pozess is the first-of-its-kind online marketplace for social networking, built on blockchain technology that uses photo and video sharing capabilities to attract buyers to sellers from all over the world. The technological shift towards a decentralized system on blockchain technology, coupled with the ubiquity of mobile applications, has radically altered the situation with online trading. 

This shift has allowed for a significant increase in cross-border transactions and expanded international trade. It is noticeable that e-commerce in offline mode takes advantage of online platforms to reach a wider audience. Drones, artificial intelligence and voluminous data have made products and services more accessible. As a result, business becomes global, which was impossible before. The community of pozess users shares, represent and buy luxuries and modern life. Pozess acts as a decentralized marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses where consumers have the right to support the seller they like and receive a reward. Blockchain technology makes the platform transparent, safe and maximally convenient for all participants, reduces operational and commercial costs while simplifying the buying process

Market Opportunities
The e-commerce market is large enough to support online markets that meet the needs of consumers in a particular area and reject the “winner gets Everything” theory and that eBay or Amazon will be the only sellers. These online marketplaces have configured users for very specific needs and liquidity is achieved much faster thanks to this focus. For example, it is Airbnb (vacation rentals), Etsy (niche craft products) and OpenTable (restaurant reservations). Today there are more than 3 billion users of social networks in the world. Social networks are an important tool for marketers.  Facebook takes first place in the traffic of e-commerce referrals. Social networks are becoming increasingly influential in purchasing solutions. Influential social-commerce advocates include social networks for sharing photos, such as Pinterest or Instagram, or high-level e-commerce sites and strong social components such as Etsy or Fab. The ability to share and discuss purchases on social networks is a subject of discussion for many retailers and brands. Other reasons to search for goods through social platforms are discounts, coupons, and support of liked sellers.
Solutions for consumers and sellers
Pozess attracts consumers and sellers because it provides ample opportunities for both. For buyers these solutions are as follows:
• Association of society. The pozess community adds a product image online from sellers from around the world with an invitation to join and submit products to pozess;
• Search in real time. To discover new and unique Pozess products for fashion and lifestyle can be in real time;
Reward. Pozess awards its user with the help of cryptococcoses;
• Network development. Pozess builds platforms where users feel part of this community. They get the opportunity to participate and communicate while building a network;
Universal Cryptoumabnik. Users can use universal cryptocurrency for In-app-purchase, unlocking functionality, payouts, and promotions. Creation of a wallet is transparent for users, and the encrypted cloud backup will protect a purse;
• Quality assurance. Automated smart-contract allows to complete transactions from the purchase of the product and its delivery before return;
• Continuous support. The Pozess platform provides 24/7 support through instant messaging and email. Buyers can ask questions directly to the seller;

For sellers, these solutions are as follows:
• Leaders-sellers recognized by users are invited and mentioned in social networks, when the community of users presents photos of their products on pozess;
• No intermediaries. Pozess allows buyers and sellers to interact directly without intermediaries;
• Automation of the product catalog. Pozess provides automated custom showcases for sellers, as well as a mechanism for listing products from their websites;
• Globalization of delivery. Pozess provides a convenient way for sellers to send their goods anywhere in the world by printing shipping labels from the goods. The buyer can pay for delivery or print the available labels in the application for free;
• Omni-Channel marketing. Pozess supports its sellers with multi-channel advertising, as well as advertising with a reduced price;

• Exchange on the platform. Pozess illuminates products in real time. Sellers can create, promote and share coupons, discounts and other promotions from the Pozess platform. Additional shares created on the platform by the Pozess application Help to increase the turnover;
Extension. Pozess provides sellers with an advantage in the form of a Web application (PWA) in which sellers can personalize marketing. That is, they can make their products interactive by using a mobile Web application and contactless marketing;
• International support. Pozess plans to support international languages and localization to reach a larger audience. So there will be more conveniences for communication and localization of such information, as data about the product and its cost;
• Low costs. Payment in PZS tokens entails much lower costs associated with a transaction fee. This allows sellers to transfer rewards to their customers. Pozess The elimination of intermediary and third-party fees in the processing of payments helps to reduce the cost that benefits the consumer and the seller;
• Available analytics. Sellers have access to detailed analysis including sales, delivery, refunds, product types and social support with easy-to-understand charts and diagrams. Sellers can also manage their orders, product lists, returns and shipments from the dashboard.


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