Primexcoin – Prime X for the future!

Primexcoin – As a new concept with a high structure and infrastructure, and then Prime X Coin has released a solution to control the quality of financial system management, Prime X Coin offers the best financial management system, with the introduction of the best technology, for Which all ecosystems have created conditions on this platform and then quickly control every interaction and transaction, so I think it makes all customers Adjustable, providing higher quality and higher control over Security systems that help this platform install and recommend using.

The Deployment of Prime X Coin technology, as well as the management of the ecosystem, and then the control of system interaction and the high level of security to manage all interactions using the blockchain technology also create this platform. As for the forgiveness of services for all customers in the world, the Prime X coin is good in design and very good for the operation of the system.
Prime X Coin has Full control over the management of transactions, ecosystems, and control of all personal clients, so it makes it easier for all customers to participate in this platform.

Prime X is a secure, scalable, transparent, secure, and adaptable exchange. According To the developers, their exchanges can read more than 1 000 000 orders, which makes the exchange one of the fastest ways. It will have its own PXC currency, where you will be able to trade, pay taxes, have a balance and receive daily rewards.

Prime X uses a blockchain with the X-11 algorithm, making it one of the safest and most encrypted methods. X11 is the name of the chain work algorithm (PoW). X11 is a widely used hash algorithm created by the developer Evan Duffield.

Why should I choose PrimexCoin?
Prime X Coin opens up new horizons of unprecedented opportunities provided by any previous financial system. The Innovative Technologies of Prime X Coin provide increased scalability, performance, and transparency, as well as your privacy and security. Prime X Coin is your way to success. We think, build, share, implement technologies. This can solve your financial needs.

With the projects carried out above, of course, they must prepare all resources, both capital, and human. They also may not be careless in planning the project, they should be neatly organized to have goals and will be executed according to the plan.

We disassemble a market complex topic or substance into smaller parts to better understand it.
Electronic Money Function
Financial system
Performance Tool
Business Support
We create something great.
We Use the latest technology to maintain system stability to support our business processes and yours.
Real-time Process
Mobile interface
Provides Higher speed of action
Focus on security issues
After passing a disciplined business process it’s time for the system to work for you.
Quick protocol
Low transaction costs

Token Information:
Token: PXC
Price in ICO: 0.2000 US dollars
Number of tokens for sale: 15 000 000
Investment Information
Minimum Investment: 100 US dollars
Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC
Distribution in ICO: 75%

Soft cap: 4 000 000 US dollars
Hard cap: 6 000 000 US dollars

Prime X includes experienced employees in the field of IT, marketing, application development, business, management, personnel management, communications, blockchain strongest, with many years of experience. Experience in the areas in which they were active. Along with experienced consultants, the development team is well prepared to provide an ideal platform for the global marketplace.

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